Monday, 6 December 2010

What to do when...

...Mr Biscuit is wielding power tools in the kitchen, Biscuits are playing PS3 games and snow is falling (again!).

Eat chocolate and sew!



  1. Ooh! Star bar is my absolute favourite!! What a perfect day! Although if my hubby was (ever!) weilding a power tool we would all need to take cover!

  2. Lovely idea! The only chocolate in our house at the moment is my son's birthday box - I am resisting......I am resisting.....
    You might want to add 'shop' to your list as I have a Really Big Sale going on in the button department all week!! xx

  3. Blue y-fronts, that made me chuckle xx

  4. Starbars are my very most favourite too!


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