Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Certain Motherly I a Muppet?

Now, obviously I try very hard to be a *good* Mother but c'mon is researching all about this game...

image from google
...on the intersweb in order to find my farmer sons a 'wife', maybe going a little far?

I am, I fear a Muppet, a big sooky sap of a Mum because well...they asked and it will please them so and well... (this is the secret bit, shoosh now) I get to have a wee play of it too all under the guise of performing my Motherly duites. 

'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good farm, must be in want of a wife.'

And surely any good Mum worth her salt will aid in any way she can.....



  1. Of course it's very important for mothers to play all the kids computer/playstation/nintendo games really well. We don't want them growing up thinking that Mummys aren't any good at this technology thing do we?
    Gorgeous ;-)

  2. Blimey, rather you than me, I get a bit sea-sick playing computery games. Shame on me, I'll be letting the motherhood side down when my girls are ready to play such games (blushing) x

  3. You are truly a wonderfully devoted mum!
    Lisa x

  4. You need to be eating their chocolate at the same time..... just to be sure it's alright for them, of course......

  5. Totally get it! I moaned about the wii for ages...then was secretly pleased when Hubby's family bought one for him as a birthday gift!!!!

  6. What kind of mother in law will you be?
    Your post made me laugh out loud.

  7. Ah, you're a lovely selfless mum to be sure.

    Thrifty's question about what type of m-in-l you will be made me laugh too!!


  8. Your post made me laugh :) I play all J's games and the ones i borrow of my friend's children. Have a great weekend xx

  9. They are addictive! I play sims adn it never gets boring!!!


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