Saturday, 16 October 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 11 and 12!

Bear with me people, I'm playing catch up!

Week 11's make isn't quite complete but I have been waiting to post about them for so long I gave up and will finish them off [attach to twine] in time to hang on the hall banisters for Santa to see.   
Here are the crucial components of my Felt Christmas Tree Garland...

I chose to sew on multi-coloured beads inspired by the fairy lights of my youth and of course there shall be bells, always bells!

Week 12 brought a housewarming gift for a lovely lady who was very complimentary even though my stitches were very like a spiders trail having stepped in ink.  She also was kind enough to send me this photo of it adorning her wall because, well...duh!!! I completely forgot to take one of it myself.

(image used with the permission of the lovely kirstyfish - check out some of her photos here)
The fabric is a gorgeous dark pink from a Tilda range, Rose 6.  I may have to make one for myself for my wee craft corner.  Here is another photo Kirsty sent me and I wanted to share this gorgeous angel with you (hope you don't mind Fishy)...

 ...isn't it, sorry she delightfulCheck out Snowfish at Etsy but be quick, I may beat you to it!

Can I say a warm thank you to all of your lovely comments on my lemon cake, I'd gladly send a slice to you all.  Tanya, you Temptress!  Buttons for cake.......ah!  Can you send cake in the post?



  1. love the christmas garland to be x x x x

  2. Love your Christmas tree garland! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Love those christmas trees, yes we had multi-coloured fairy lights {flower shaped and glittery- so 70's!}. The picture is lovely and is a much pondered question in my kitchen too!!. x

  4. Love the garland, im in the process of making a gingerbread man one xx

  5. hi there, you left a comment on my sidmouth poppy treasures blog about the cake tins but i could not find it in my hotmail and i tried to email you but couldn't for some reason ( maybe hotmail is playing up) please try and contact me again if you want them ...many thanks x x

  6. Lovely makes!I'd like to make Christmas bunting for myself this year!
    What would Nigella do?
    Rachel x

  7. Wow i love the garland! such bright colours, i cant wait for christmas! :) x

  8. Your little christmas trees are brilliant. Hope you post a piccie when the gardland is finished. As for your "What would Nigella do?"....... I think that is an inspired piece of work. So fresh and original!

  9. I love the trees - those beads must have taken you AGES!!
    I also love the Nigella artwork - you should make more!!
    Umm, pretty sure you can send some cake in the post - maybe not sponge!! Not sure what it would look like when it arrived - tasty though!! xx Ahh, now I'm hungry - off to get cup of tea but sadly no cake!!

  10. You can send cake in the post - I think 'tis usually only done with wedding cake though!
    Lovely makes!


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