Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Looking for sympathy!

Here's me...

I am an awful patient so Hubby is having nothing to do with feeling sorry for me so I am looking for sympathy from my blogging friends who will, I am sure, let me milk my sore wrist for all its worth.  Who knew too much knitting could cause this?  Actually I suspect too much knitting caused a weakness that somehow enabled a sprain sometime on Saturday afternoon.  That's the version I am sticking to as I cannot accept knitting could cause me pain.  I never learn though hence why I am typing even though it hurts.  I have rubbish wrists due to numerous strains as a child roller skating, skate boarding and of course falling off my bike.  I am ridiculously clumsy and stupid, on one occasion going straight back out on my skates after arriving home from the nurse bandaged up, only to fall again on, you guessed it, my sprained wrist.
I am cross if I'm honest, offended I cannot do what I like ( I am that childish!).  Hubby Biscuit has banned me (for my own good) from knitting and picking up a crochet hook and it's way hard.  Much harder than I thought so I am moving on to sewing instead which probably isn't sensible but I cannot not make something. I may 'grow up' enough to rest it after over using it shopping earlier, but I figured if I have to be injured and I am (milky milky!!) I at least deserved this whilst out and about...

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Don't you agree?
I'll try to be sensible as I  have mucho baking later in the week due to three birthdays, well starting tomorrow actually.  Better go and sit I suppose...



  1. Oh Ali you poor, poor girl (is this helping?).

    Seriously, I've been crocheting quite a bit over the last few days and have awful hand-cramp so am extremely sympathetic.

    Put your feet up and let your menfolk fuss over you. Worth noting that internet shopping requires minimal wrist action!!!!


  2. Oh, poor you - here's some sympathy.... and some empathy - I drill the holes in vintage plates for cake stands, and have developed arthritis in my right wrist as a result :(. Like you, I can't bear it, and I will persist and not rest! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Aw you silly bugger (that's the best I can do, sympathy wise I'm afraid), what on earth are you going to do with yourself?! x

  4. Poor you. Here's some sympathy. Maybe you could some cross stitching. When you do get back using your wrist again, I highly suggest wrist exercises and hand stretches before and during crafty sessions.

  5. Oh noooooooooooo. How pants!!!!!!!

    I did a mammoth crochet session last weekend and my thumb joints are terribly sore. I told Mr H and he just laughed at me!

    Milk it for all it's worth...I would!!!!!!!


  6. You poor soul! Oh my goodness, how awful for you not to be able to knit or crochet, I feel for you I really do...is this enough sympathy?? Would you like some more?? A nice cup of tea for you pet, perhaps a big slice of choccy cake to take your mind off your injury...

    Get well soon,
    much love
    Julia x x x

  7. Aaaahhhh, poor you! I got sore wrists last year which I thought was from crocheting, but was probably something to do with lugging a heavy baby around - well no amount of crochet seems to bother them now but maybe I'm hardened to it! You must rest them if there's cakes to be made!

  8. You poor thing! I would hate not being able to do anything!! but sometimes for your own good you have to rest!! Try and enjoy it if you can!
    Andrea x

  9. I do send you sympathy - sometimes I've strained my hand felting, and my back too come to think of it - then I get told off for not standing properly. Hope it all gets better soon , I can't stand to be doing nothing, although sometimes it's good to have an excuse to read without guilt if you can't manage anything else much. xx

  10. That's awful!!!!!!!!
    and that CD isn't nearly enough - you need to go internet shopping right away!!!! Think of all those cook books you haven't got yet!!!
    That way, you can read and rest so your wrists will recover quicker!
    Oh, and drink lots of tea and eat cake - that always helps!! x

  11. The sun is well and truly over the yard arm now........ can you manage to lift a glass? Just a thought....... Hope you get better soon, I can't imagine not being able to do "stuff"!

  12. Oh no, poor love. That is not good, not good at all. But DO rest up, make the most of it - when else do you get the chance. I've been doing alot of tinternet purchasery but without a bandaged wrist for an excuse....
    Do some research for your next projects with your feet up, a nice cup of tea and large slice of cake and something lovely cosy on the telly. x

  13. Hope you feel better soon and that you are managing to get some sympathy xxx

  14. I agree with tea pea, go to Amazon and give yourself a real treat. Oh so not fair. I am totally childish too, I have soooo many things wrong with me that I just get angry. My wrist has started playing up and I think it is from crocheting and it isn't doing my back any good at times but stop NO WAY! I am sending huge hugs to you and you milk it all you want, you should be having lots of treats and loves from hubby, that is his job. Remind him winter is on it's way and he will need nursing when he gets man flu ;)
    Hope you are much better soon
    Emma xxx

  15. Oh you poor thing, I feel for you - sounds just awful.
    Send hubby to the shop to buy you the most scrumptious cake to give you strength and tell him to put the kettle on.
    You will heal much quicker - it's true, I'm sure! x

  16. Oh dear, not good when knitting can't be done.
    I can't knit for more than 2 hours at a time or my wrist is agony. Much the same reason weak wrists from tree climbing, boarding, skating, bmx-ing and generally anything un-ladylike!!
    hope you are healed soon.

  17. Oh, poor you!!! Hope your wrist get's better soon so you can do lots more knitting, sewing and baking :-) xx

  18. You poor poppet! I hope that support bandage is helping it get better really fast. I prescribe cake for its well-known healing qualities. Especially if it looks like your lovely lemon one!

  19. Poor you, hope it feels better soon, I am sending BUCKETS of sympathy!

  20. Oh dear, ouchy! Hope you are feeling less strained and able to do your baking, whilst listening to your new CD.
    Lisa x

  21. Tagged you; please come see me! :-)



  22. aww no! hope it heals quickly! definately deserved a treat! :) x

  23. aw! Hope your wrist mends soon so you can get back to your knitting. Try and make the most of resting though. Sending get well wishes Love Em x
    p.s I am having a little craft candy giveaway if you wish to join in ~ may help to cheer you up http://elfcrafts.blogspot.com/


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