Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As a teenager in my parents house I loved to re-arrange all the furniture in my bedroom every now and again.  I loved that feeling of taking the familiar and making it fresh and new.  That room was the small part of the world (and the house) that belonged to me.  Where I could escape, think, marinade in teenage melancholy, frustration and angst.  Where I could play with my sewing machine, read, write stories, listen to music and be left to be.

Sometimes you simply feel like a change.  
Sometimes you feel that old arrangement simply doesn't suit you anymore.  
Sometimes you find a new way of doing something so that something feels re-energized.
Sometimes you simply need to tweak your 'space' to make it feel spacious once again.



  1. And a VERY lovely, contemporary looking space it is too..............

  2. Very nicely tweaked. Enjoy your new space.
    Lisa x

  3. Mmmmm... New space, very nice. Love your header!

  4. Love the new look! Obviously great minds think alike - I did the same to mine the day before yesterday!

    Alix x

  5. Yes, I know where you're at with that! Great fresh new header! Enjoy :)

  6. Am liking the new layout. It's always good to have a change around Sue x

  7. Loving the new look. How are you feeling now?

  8. Lovely and fresh Ali!

    That's not a spider sitting in the teaspoon on your header is it???

    Hope your chops are feeling better sweet.


  9. Hee hee Heather, it's a reflection of the underside of the garden parasol! It's a tad spideresque isn't it?

    Thank you for your comments on my 'new look'and yes my mouth is much better, no pain now and just waiting for the stitches to dissolve. What a difference a week can make!

  10. A change is as good as a rest and Ali your blog looks wonderfully pretty to me. Thanks for popping by my blog and yes yes it is so lovely to receive a wee surprise, especially when it's so delicious!!! Looking forward to many more exchanges?!? Speak soon, Ionwen XXX

  11. I am similarly very pleased with my living room which I recently subjected to a complete reorganise as you described, although it doesn't look quite as delicious or make my mouth water!

  12. love your new freshen up!
    had to comment as I was only saying to someone the other day that as a kid I changed my bedroom round every few months and still do with rooms in the flat!! it baffles me somewhat when ppl design rooms with objects and furniture that will stay that way forver-weird! or am i weird! hee hee!

    lucy x

  13. Love the green pattern, really fun! So need to start cooking again, am inspired by your header of cakes!

  14. Thank you for this post I've just called my bestest freind to come round and eat our favourite cake together.what a wonderful post.

  15. Oooh Missus!! Very fancy!
    And that header is SUCH a tease! Now every time I drop by I'm faced with delicious close up CAKES!!!!!
    IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

  16. Ahhhh cake, cake and more cake. Just the job missus, and yes - one day we shall indeed meet up and sit outside our tents nattering, eating, slurping and watching the sea - t'would be a fine time Im sure!

    Love the new look

    Julia x


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