Thursday, 3 February 2011

I lived!!

I popped on to thank you all for your support, venting my fears yesterday really helped as I wasn't too nervous today.  I'm drugged up to the eyeballs and sore but I got through it.  I'm properly out ma face if truth be told so better be off before I talk more nonsense than usual.  

Lots if kisses to you all you lovely, lovely ladies!


  1. Hooray!!! Well done Ali! :-) Hx

    PS. Soup for supper?! x

  2. Glad it went well! Trust you will be waited on hand and foot till you're fully recovered. Take care!

  3. Well done indeed. And hurrah for good drugs! :-D

  4. Glad you got through it. Take care - look after yourself :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I spelt it all wrong! sorry, I think its to early in the morning!

    My post was meant to say....

    Yay you are through it! take care, put your feet up and watch a few Doctor Who DVD's! xx

  7. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (not the pain part, the survival part. heh) :D xx

  8. I am pleased you have all that out of the way!
    I have to have some wisdom teeth out soon, I am dreading it.
    Enjoy your weekend x

  9. good woman! well done! huge admiration x


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