Monday, 7 February 2011

A winter remedy!

I don't know about where you are but the weather here in my wee bit of Scotland is seriously driech, it's horrid out there *update at 11am - it's snowing, lots!!!!*  I need something to counteract this grey dull sky.  Something to banish the winter blahs.  I need COLOUR and that's why, tomorrow I will be running like a woman who just spotted a naked Robert Downey Jr (OMG Imagine!!!!!!)  towards my favourite Etsy shops for a SALE
Yes really a SALE for one day only....... the gorgeous (could stare into those pretty eyes for hours), uber talented, super seller, button temptress, Goddess that is  
I love her shops so much, they are one stop shops for buttons, the bestest felt ever, amazing needlebooks (I could have half a dozen easy!), bunting, brooches, pin pots, ribbons, trims and anything else that takes my fancy and trust me, much does.

Kirsty shares, she wants us all to have buttons and ribbon and felt because she's passionate about what she does and she does 'that' with unburdened creativity and flair.  Her designs are original and simply lovely, like the Lady herself.
I desire many good things for her so buy, buy my pretties with abandon.  You won't be able to stop yourselves and those of you who have shopped with her already, buy more.  You know you want to!

Here are the details you need to know.  The sale is on tomorrow, Tuesday 8th February from 8am to 8pm with FREE POSTAGE on UK orders only and at two of Kirsty's shops ...

..not at the FuzzyFish (felt) or SnowFish (christmas goodies) shops.  Getting free postage is huge and I for one will be there with my purse open and ready to spill into hers.

Go to Kirsty's blog for details straight from the Fish's mouth and please Fishy let me know if I've missed something or got something wrong.



  1. you is a very lovely persons to say those nice things! and i am so happy you survived mouth torture x

  2. That will be top of my list to do tomorrow! I love a bargain, especially felt, buttons, ribbon!! Can hardly wait! We have very strong winds and dull grey sky in Bedford. Super glue required to hold my hair down on my head! I do hope that you are feeling much better now. Sue x


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