Friday, 25 February 2011

'Possibility' is positively my sort of word.

And why not when you can apply it to a glorious sight like this...

"fa la la la laaaaaaaaa!"


Almost more beautiful than what they can become; these colourful balls.
Part of our memories.
Part of our family story. 
They will transform like magic.
From, as Mr Biscuit says, me wrapping wool around a wee wooden stick really fast.




  1. Gorgeous colours there! Look forward to seeing what those balls become once the needles have stopped singing their clicketty-clack song..

  2. I love what you said about creating something to form part of your memories and family story - that, my eloquent friend, is EXACTLY why I taught myself to crochet and what I strive to do.


    PS. Mr Biscuits and his 'heart' - what a lovely softie! :-)

  3. OOOh yes!The possibilities indeed!!!Some beautiful zingy colours there - do you have an idea of what you will make, or do you have lots of them!???? I always have too many ideas buzzing round my poor head, its hard to pin me down to stick to one idea for anything long enough to finish it - i want to make it all, now!!!Hence many a WIP hanging round my house.

  4. Oh my the possibilities are well and truly endless lovel. What joy!!! The colours are just delicious. Excited to see what the wee strands of yarn turn into. Eeeeek!!! X

  5. Hi! Congratualtions! I am very pleased to pass on to you a Stylish Blogger Award! You have a great blog! Please pop over to my blog to read about it, and you can copy the award from my post - I hope you accept!!!
    Gill x


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