Monday, 14 February 2011

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 25-27

and how are you all?  I have a new toyA toy to help me enjoy my sewing machine more, a deal I made with myself that I would do this year -  (the above picture is of me having ' a go' with paper - too tight to practise on fabric for the first try).

For a wee bit of fun with freehand embroideryHave to have a ponder over what marvellous make I can craft with it.....

Here is another batch of makes, actually from weeks ago but only just got around to organizing myself into posting about it.

Week 25...

sofa cushions

The green crochet one was a previous make (week 15 ) and is now happily together, making friends and offering tea and cake, with four other cushions.  Two made with thrifted tartan fabric and the other two made with a lovely green cotton, covered with cream aran crochet fronts.  Still I am in shock when I sew something that turns out how I had imagined.

Week 26...
crochet front for a floor cushion

For my Biscuits' bedroom.  They are still in 'talks' about which colour fabric they want behind in.  It measures 26" by 26" and I have to say I loves the vibrant colours emboldened by the black borders.  

 Week 27...

Not any old chocolate cake but one from my favourite book - Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery!  Quite an involved process including one of my favourite kitchen jobs; separating eggsI love doing it and learned at the feet of my Dad many many years ago.  I have, I confess, been a bit fascinated by egg shells since I was small.  Love breaking one handed and love peeling boiled ones too!   For some reason doing anything with eggs makes me feel very proficient and Goddess like in my kitchen.  This cake includes whisking the whites and adding at a later stage and I am always enthralled watching the whites, well become white.  It was a wonderfully moist cake and deserves a place in any Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame.

I've already got another few makes done and cannot believe I'm past the halfway mark.  It really has been fun documenting some of the things I make each week.



  1. Lots of lovely makes -well done you! I can't crochet so am very envious. Also guilty of darning foot envy - have fun with that!

    Alix x

  2. Ooh...loving the new look blog ....well it's probably not that new but is to slowcoach me!! The chocolate cake looks divine and although I also share your love of separating eggs, I made a lemon meringue pie at the weekend, which of course is the daddy ( or maybe the mummy) of egg separation puddings....I had a whole carton of double yokers! Couldn't believe it what are the odds? It was most challenging, I didn't know which bit to catch and which to let go.... x

  3. That choc cake looks heavenly! I shall be interested to see how you get on with the freestyle embroidery - I keep meaning to try it. Have a good week! Abby x

  4. Where did you get that cake recipe from again??? It is AMAZING! I was eyeing up that Victoria Sponge and muffins too :) I LOVE cake.
    That hello is super sweet x

  5. I love free machine embroidery - it's strangely addictive. That cake looks divine, my mouth is actually watering.
    Love the new look too - not sure if I said that previously or not?

  6. Wonderful makes! Have fun with your machine embroidery xx

  7. Freehand embroidery is on my list of things to try this year too. Great cushions, particularly like the tartan ones.

  8. Oh my goodness, how industrious you have been!! I love all your cushions, I have a thing about tartan! The crochet ones are lovely too! And that cake!!!
    So glad to have found your blog!Looks like it will be fun to come back here!
    Gill x

  9. I love reading your blog! dont know if anyone else is struggling with the new patterned background under the text...or is it just me getting old!!

  10. That chocolate cake looks delicious! Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new toy xx

  11. My you have been a busy bee. Absolutely love, love that green crochet cushion Ali, what happy colours.

    Can't wait to see what embroidered lovelies you create.


    PS. Have you ever seen this You Tube vid? Laughed so much I nearly wee'd!

  12. OooOo what fabulishious makes twinkle! Love em love em all. Ooooh you'll have soo much fun with the free hand machine embroidery!!! It really is a wee bit addictive. Looking forward to seeing some of your results. Loves Ionwen XXX

  13. Oh Wow! Thank you for showing me under your "blogaroonies" list!!!!!!! Thats a first for me I think, having only got going a couple of weeks ago! I'm really honoured.
    You've made my day!!!!!
    Good luck with the freehand embroidery foot - am tempted to get one for my machine as have drooled over other peoples freehand embroidery stuff for a while now - but there just aint time for everything!
    Maybe if I got off this darn computer........

  14. Good to hear from you, how's life?

    That cake looks amazing, mine always sink. Or burn. Have a great weekend, Ax

  15. Hi!
    I read on your comment to Mrs thrifty that you wanted to get stains out of your teapot and I find the best way is to soak in a solution of Milton(what you use to clean babies bottles etc.)It works a treat!
    Yummy cake you have there. :0)

  16. I'm rather behind. I'm so glad you're keeping up!

    Regarding the teapot. I'd put some a few teaspoons of bi carb in and give it a good rub, leaving the remains of the bi carb in the pot. The fill with boiling water and leave.
    Give it a good wipe inside with a dry cloth.


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