Monday, 17 May 2010

Luck of the devil!

I can hardy breathe with excitement.  Can hardly contain myself and am a little wary that some wee may escape as yesterday I won the most amazing giveaway prize.   
Wait for it..........



It's a bit much to take in.  I took part in a 'guess how many buttons are in the jar' game at LilyWhites hosted by the lovely Jade and I was the closest with my sign of the devil guess of 666.  Hubby reckons I need to buy a lottery ticket as I had already won a runner up prize in Thimbles&Crumbles giveaway earlier in the week ( which was just fabby already!).  It's amazing how winning something really perks you up and buttons, buttons  


I can colour co-ordinate jars - ooh my goodness!!   
I'll have to reorganize my wee desk for them - ooh the fun!!  
I know you get it fellow button lovers.  
 Isn't is the bestest prize ever??

Thank you Sarah and Jade for my prizes and in particular to Jade for sharing the button love!!



  1. Oh. My. Goodness!!! What a fabulous prize!
    I'm not jealous at all...ok maybe just a tiny bit...ok, ok a LOT. ;)

  2. :o whatever will you do with them all?! x

  3. ARGHHHHH! That is too cool! I so get your excitement I would be rolling around the floor with excitement...I am waiting for my collection to get a LOT bigger so I can put them in colour jars!

  4. what fun! Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    I would just keep shaking them in the jar- most satisfying sound!

  5. Ooh, how utterly buttony, well done you! Any thoughts on this week's lottery you'd like to share?!


    PS. Loving the spotty felt from your last post.

  6. Lucky you!
    Love buttons - as children, my sister and I used to love being allowed to play with the button box (actually an old Quality St tin), picking our favourites and making pictures and patterns with them...what fun!

  7. Ooooooh!!!! Can't wait to see them in jars!! What utter fun you will have picking each one up and sorting them!!! What a blissful afternoon that would be - you'll need tea and cake too and something good on the radio!! You need to savour it!! congratulations!!! xx

  8. Oooh lucky you - I'm full of envy - just last week I decided to sort mine into jars by colour - which was a pleasure to do - but some jars are a little empty and sad - need to hit the charity shops again soon! I remember being allowed to play with my Mums tin of buttons, kept me busy for hours - my girls are desperate to get into the jars - will save that treat for a rainy day.

  9. It must be a girl thing! My boys are not even slightly interested in them. Thank goodness for all you ladies who understand button love or I'd be feeling a right numpty being so chuffed to bits in my male dominated world.

  10. hey ali thank you for your lovely blogging about the buttons : - 0 have a great day jade xx


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