Thursday, 5 January 2012

'What is funny?' It's one of those 'big'

It is indeed such a subjective question. What is funny?
I am always curious to what makes us laugh.  How some of us find things hilarious whilst another has a bare quiver of a lip.  How it is uncontrollable, not always welcome and usually always funny in itself.  Seeing someone in tears, tummy aching and body rocking is, to me,a beautiful sight!  Love to see actors corpsing!
I am always interested in peoples take on the world around them and how they feel about it, their quirks and eccentricities, their likes, loves and hates.
In particular I love to know what makes people smile and even more so, laugh.
I got to thinking I would share some those things that tickle or have tickled me, either into a smile or requiring a seat to compose myself or in some cases sent out of a room and hope you will leave some of yours in the comment box too.

Here, for your pleasure folks, or not - rich tapestry 'n' that, are some of the things I find/have found funny for as many weeks as I can think of things to share.

"Back in April I was manning the bake stall at my Biscuits' school and they had a few different things on in celebration of their 40th birthday.  One of these things was a balloon artist.  As we were setting up this balloon artist who was dressed as a clown (as they seem to always be) had to go into the next hall so he decided to run.  
Did I mention the maseeeeve clown shoes?

Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap."

It was one of those occasions where I am laughing like a loon and all around are not.  Oh and if he had fallen down.....
Funny?  Not Funny?



  1. If I was able to overcome my deep-seated fear of clowns, I'd have laughed too!

  2. Yes hilarious, I would have laughed too all the more so because no one else was.
    Have you seen Mrs Browns boys ? monday night on bbc 1 21:30 I believe, now that makes me laugh until I cry... :-D
    Emma x

  3. Hellooo sweet Ali. Happy 2012 to you my friend. x

    I just love this subject and am also quite fascinated by how different we all are.

    I don't know if I'd have found the clown quite so funny - if you were helpless with laughter though, I should have laughed at you.

    D showed me a You Tube clip of a dog called Milton chasing some deer (you might have seen it) - he and Sam were doubled over with laughter, but it was the most UNFUNNY thing I've ever seen.

    The last thing I nearly wet myself laughing at was a Michael McIntyre sketch about morning breath!!!


  4. Like Pink Milk, Michael McInytre really makes me laugh. I like a bit of slapstick too, so your clown running would have set me off. Miranda Hart is a very funny lady too.

  5. Yep I would have laughed at that too!
    Back-to-back episodes of Greenwing, anything by Victoria Wood, Lee Mack and family Guy all make me chuckle
    Happy Happy Happy New Year

  6. Er I would go with a big tummy rumbling giggle :)

    I was once walking to town and a guy drove past with a HUGE life sized teddy sat on the front seat...made me chuckle the whole time I was walking into town, I must have looked very strange


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