Saturday, 6 November 2010

You know you are a geek when... spend your money (very excitedly and with baited breath) pre-ordering this...

 image from amazon
(out on Monday - yikes!!!)

...instead of visiting your lovely friend and hairdresser (gorgeous bride in the photo of the wedding cake I made - remember her?) for a full head of highlights.  Bugger it I'll maybe go red instead, I can do that with a shop dye, much cheaper!

I am more of a geek than a lady, what can I say?



  1. Im a geek too, ive got it on order. I drive my family bonkers, always sliping in quotes from DW into conversation. Great to find a lady who loves it as much as I do! Do you watch the Sarah Jane adventures? The Dr was in 2 eps last week! xx

  2. Have you seen this?

  3. J is getting this with his birthday money :) Hope you are having a great weekend xxx

  4. Hey, I've just dyed my hair red with a shop bought dye!!!! Does that mean I'm not a lady?! :-o


  5. Sarah, I knew it wasn't just me! Thanks for the link, loved it!!
    FISH CUSTARD!!!!! xx

    Heather, hahaha I always use shop bought hair dye but this time I tried to be all 'getting my hair done at a salon' and failed at the first hurdle. Haven't been red for years and keep getting the urge but it's such a pain to get rid once you tire of it. I'll dither over it whilst enjoying the Doctor, Rory and Amy on their adventures! x

  6. Let's face it - highlights = pain. Dr Who ordering is much more sensble...


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