Monday, 5 July 2010

I caught the bug...

...and I don't mean the midgey bites I got on Friday night from those dastardly beasties determind to get up my (ankle length I might add) skirt! I did mention how scary they are and not so put off by Skin so Soft as they should've been! Once the citronella candles got going so did they.  I didn't realize how much my poor legs had been bitten until predictably my body reacted to them two days later by coming out in itchy lumps.  I am covered in cream now.  My body does not react well to insect bites, unfortunately. 
Thankfully I did catch the camping bug!  The amazing scenery helped I'm sure, but the joys of getting back to basics and enjoying the outdoor life were truly inspiring and very comforting.  I also really enjoyed the atmosphere.  Reminded me of the good part of festival 'sleeping in a tent'.  Sharing the joy of it all together yet seperately.  I did remember to take a few snaps.....

It was a most enjoyable weekend until.......Sunday brought with it torrential rain and gale force winds!  Aahhh!!  If it wasn't so 'clothes stuck to your cold limbs and pants stuck to your cold bottom' wet it might have been funny.  Funny in that 'hysterical not funny at all really but if I don't laugh I'll cry' kind of way.  This is when my/our fondness for WendyHump died just after the 'like to get to know you more' stage and long before a second date is on the cards.  The old girl is not for us.  A little too small for a family and no room for sitting in if the weather isn't so good.  Yes she had her funky fringe/canopy going on which shielded us from some of the showers but this is not a relationship that got past the first date.  We also realized to our horror as the rain beat down on us that those around us in their non "canvas thirteen year old tents" had all their things including their tent packed up in a quarter of the time it took us to pack away the old dear.  This wore thin after about the fourth car left and we were still there packing up.  We are not inclined to have to pitch and pack her away often which rules out one night stays so we must say goodbye, so long to her.  I am glad to have met her though as she taught us what we want from our family tent which means we can go looking now for a modern one knowing exactly what we need.  I would hate to have spent a small fortune to find out camping sucks and be left with a smaller bank balance.  Suck, camping does not we are looking forward to doing it again.  Busy next few weeks though.  Sunday sees the start of the wedding cake baking/making week ending in the wedding on the Saturday for which I cannot wait to go to.  I love a wedding!  My Biscuits will be in kilts too and hopefully you will indulge me in seeing a photo or three! 

Can I just add that since the schools broke up on Wednesday it has rained almost non stop up here....rubbish!!!  I am very glad now I spent so much time relaxing in the garden ignoring the housework!



  1. Yes, good for you ignoring the housework and thank you for such a funny and heart warming post! We are due to road test our tent (which we finally got round to getting yesterday) a week on friday in the Cotswold countryside...Im looking forward to it and your tales of it all only made me giddy to get my own little portable home set up and tried out!
    Hope you soon feel better bites-wise, and hopefully next time the sun will shine a bit longer for you!

    Much love
    Julia x

  2. Oh poor you, this confirms it for me, camping is only fun if the sun is out and you can get out of the tent and go somewhere else. If it rains (very likely) you've had it. I will make Mr read this post next time he mentions camping.

    Thanks for sharing, glad you had some fun though - great views!

  3. Glad you had a lovely time...I react the same way to the dastardly beastie bites. Our tent is a Vangi Tigris 800, but it also comes in smaller sizes, we're loving it. Carry on Camping!!

  4. I have every sympathy as 3 of the 4 of us were bitten to bits on hold recently.
    Shame about the weather, but at least useful lessons were learned in your camping quest!
    Lisa x

  5. Oh my lovely, sorry your camping trip didn't go quite to plan. The pics that you posted do look rather lovely though. I am the same, I think camping is really only fun if the weather holds. Rain, cold, and gale force winds make for a miserable camping experience. I have promised the boys a camping experience soon and am not sure what to expect. There is the boys version of roughing it and my version! Not the same! I hope the rest of the summer hols will be a good one for you! xxx

  6. Millie, we've been looking at a Vango Sangari 600, you do need a large tent don't you? It's a six person and not quite as big as yours but we will be getting the canopy to put on it making it huge.
    I looked at your post about Comrie Croft but got distracted by my Biscuits before I could leave a comment - would you recommend it?
    Julia, you will love it!!!!
    Colette, the size of tents you can get means there'e plenty of room if you have to stay out of the rain. Tell that to Hubby heehee!!!!

  7. Me, Russ, J and Fee are going camping at the end of the month. I do love the idea of it but the last time we went we nearly got blown off a cliff at shell island we couldn't understand why we were the only ones making the most of the sea view! Hope you have a lovely week xxx

  8. Glad you enjoyed your camping trip - but do I spy a table cloth? That's glamping not camping!! The Scottish midges are the reason we come camping in Scotland during Spring Bank rather than summer holidays!

    And now you see how right you were to sit outside and ignore the dust/ironing/'s only ever a matter of time until you're stuck indoors again...

  9. Ah Victoria, white plastic is evil!
    I will gladly call it glamping from now on!
    If it wasn't for us trying to pack up I wouldn't have really minded the rain. The odd day wouldn't bother me too much and it certainly hasn't put me off. I'd take the worst of it over ironing and cleaning the toilet any day!
    To prove our new found joy in it, today we ordered a lovely new modern tent, a veritable glamping palace!!

  10. Oh I really wish me or the fella could drive as I would LOVE to go camping, or have a touring van. Just the ideal way to see the country in all it's glorious beauty.
    Oh and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see your wedding cake...where do you live again I am still in need of a cake!!! ;)


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