Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Essential kit, goodies and the joys of sheep and tractors!

What a week!  
Sigh with relief that today is the last day of school until 18th of August.  I am forcing (yes I did use that word!  Heehee!!) myself to 'chillax' today and enjoy the quiet.  Presents have been sewn and baked for teachers etc and now I am going to read in the garden caring not a jot about housework or such like.  It is the calm before the storm for we are off camping this weekend.  I am new to camping, going to music festivals in my youth doesn't count as camping. It can only be classified as 'sleeping' in a tent so not the same.  I am excited therefore to be doing it 'for real', playing house in the outdoors in our wendy house tent, known officially now as WendyHumpThe 'Hump' refers to the retro colours of our hand-me-down tent that remind me of Playschool's Humpty Dumpty, so no references to anything else ladies, OK!   I confess, I must name everythingWe inherited kit as well as the WendyHump herself so we are sort-ed with only a few things to add but Hubby was told in no uncertain terms that there was one piece of essential kit that had to be, just had to be purchased....

I have mentioned before I only do one coffee a day, cannae cope with too much caffeine but must have my morning cappuccino.  I could not contemplate a morning without a very good cup of milky coffee hence this purchase.  To be honest I have lusted after one of these for ages but could not be unfaithful to my beloved Gaggia, the divorce settlement could get nasty too.  I mean who would get the illy coffee????  Doesn't bear thinking about.....!  So that's us off to pitch by a loch, Avon's Skin So Soft at the ready for those scary Scottish midges, worse than any 'chib ye Weegies' ( Glaswegians who headbutt) and loaded up with essentials! 
We are ready to experience camping bliss!!
I was also lucky to receive my runner up winnings from Sarah's giveaway over at  Thimbles&Crumbles  at the weekend.  This lady oozes with exquisite taste.  It must seep out of her pores!  She also takes the most wonderful macro photographs.  Go look if you haven't already!
Lucky me!!  Looksee...

Part of my package was a recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding for me to experiment with on my quest for the toppermost of recipes.  What a shame I'll have to try it out!  Thanks again lovely Sarah!
On Sunday we ventured off to The Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh.  I seriously have a thing for tractors and farm equipment. It's the humongous tyres I think that does it for me.  Some of the colour combos were delicious...

I have no idea of the names of either the company whose stuff comprises of this gorgeous lime green, orange and black (even though Hubby told me quite a few times!) or what some of the machinery actually does but boy I loves the colours!  My Biscuits also got to sit in a few tractors...

This is as happy as they looked,  they were desperate to get home to play their new Harry Potter Logo Wii game they have been waiting to come out since Christmas!
The animals at the show were stinking cool too.  Although managed to totally miss the pigs.  Pants!  We watched a final of sheep sheering with blades which was really fun to see.  Men man-handling animals getting hot and sweaty was no hardship for me to enjoy! I love sheep and it's a wonderful thing to see so many different breeds, some even had faces that looked more like dogs?!?  A sheep with a black face ( black faced are my favourite) and attitude caught my eye....

I did boost this shot but he or she really was the colour of Iron-bru!  It shouted at me lots and I was smitten.

The Show was very busy and at times it made it hard to see anything but the sun was shining and many people were happy England were getting beat (not sporting at all but c'mon it's traditional!) so the atmosphere was great.  We were exhausted by the end.  It's a bit of a big deal up here so if you ever get a chance to visit....

My that felt like a long post, take care lovelies, my book awaits!



  1. I know exactly what you mean about having a decent coffee in the morning - I have a coffee pot the same, and have been known to take it in the car with me (plus the camping stove) so that I don't miss my 11am coffee fix! Love the colours of the sheep and combines - amazing what colours there are out there if we only look!

  2. Enjoy your camping and, yes, that coffee pot is a must. In fact I make all my coffee in one of those - I have 3 now, all different sizes. x

  3. Oh you are so brave, I remember our annual camping trips to Scotland - those damn midges - UNBEARABLE!!! That alongside the rain and endless boiled eggs and Smash (the limit of my dad's cooking), I think I'm scarred for life, I know Mr would love us to go as a family - I'm resisting.

    But I hope you have a wonderful time, I'll look forward to the tales you have to tell ;)

  4. Enjoy the camping trip. And the coffee.
    Lisa x

  5. Have a wonderful camping trip... We're just back from near Creiff. Lots of midge bites to show for it...but only on my right hand?! I brought my coffee pot too! We had such a wonderful time.
    The combine and tractor and made by Claas...I think, from the colours.

  6. Good luck with the camping, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. I'm sure the biscuits will love it !!
    Louise x

  7. The last time I camped was about 20 years ago and all I really remember were these peculiar creepy crawlies zooming into the tent, settling on the 'ceiling' and then randomly dropping into your sleeping bag!!

    Hysterical tangerine sheep!

    Have a really super duper time.


  8. Enjoy your trip away....Have to say I'm the four solid walls, en-suite and mini bar type of gal but you could win me over with some photos of WendyHump!!!
    Loving ginger sheep too especially with the attitude, did it bleat "yeah baa, no baa, yeah baa, no baa, yeah baa......."

    Thanks for the lovely appraisal!. x

  9. It's been years since i was at the show. Really must sort out time for next year. Like the colours and the "happy faces". Enjoy the harry potter game boys


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