Thursday, 3 June 2010

A poem and the return of moany face Ali....if she ever went away!


The Owl and the Stormtrooper!

The Owl and the Stormtrooper went to a shelf in a beautiful oak wood frame.
With a background of stripes and pretty flowers.
Oh how Owl yearned for a game.
The Stormtrooper yelled "NO!" and gave Owl a thump to which Owl showed him his back and was greatly with hump.
No longer friends the Stormtrooper made his leave.
Owl showed much relief at this sought after reprieve.
He now spends his days hooting away without violent frame-mates who don't want to play.


I wrote this while I spent the better part of Tuesday playing with Picnik and my FlikrI truly am at my most silly when avoiding the domestic drudgery that is housework. That was a day of mischief making........
Now yesterday was a bad, bad, bad day.  I understand in the big scheme of things a bit of perspective may be required but I am forfeiting that just now because I am distraught, as in, hand on my brow, yelling on Hill, in a Mrs Bennet fashion.  Our Sky+ decided to stop working, not that big a deal I hear you cry.  I for one only partake in TV of an evening so yes not really a big deal until you are informed that the only, the only, the only way to fix it is to reset the whole thing.  I have to take a deep breath for this bit..............and that means everything, everything, EVERYTHING in your Skyplanner will go, be gone, be erased, never to come back again.   


My Delicious Miss Dahl's, Time Team, Blitz Street, the Terry Pratchett stuff I haven't even watched yet................and

Doctor Who's!

I love Doctor Who, it is my favourite (which I can just about say because no Criminal Minds were lost because I was up to date), it is my beloved, my Saturday 'to be repeated whenever I want' entertainment and effing Rory just died, not just died but never even existed (boohhoo!!) and I've only seen it once.  I need to see them more than once you see.  I am that geek who re-watches for missed bits or hidden things and to see if where there is that darn crackAgain with the Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Look for the positives Ali c'mon!......
The dvd is due out on the 7th, sounds good until I saw at Amazon it's only three episodes for 9.99.  Pants to that.
Then I remembered BBC iplayer and my insides calmed just enough for me to breath once more.
I did manage to prevent my Biscuits from being too upset because I was the one having the drama queen hissy fit but do you blame me, really do you?



  1. Hi Ali You make me laugh! (Although I do appreciate the serious-ness of losing Dr Who...)It's amazing where you find lego men isn't it? I found one perched on top of the loo the other day. I'd rather not think about how that happened!

  2. Im a VERY big geek when it comes to doctor who, I question and analyze everything to do with it. And even worse I tweet about it afterwards!!!

  3. HEHE! Fab blog, obviously totally sucks that you are to lose all the stuff on your Sky+ box. We are babysitting for my Sister-in-law for 2 weeks and have been warned that if the Sky+ box gets turned off via the socket we should run to the hills to join the Von Trapps!!!

  4. Hahaha! Brilliant poem! ;-)


    PS. Moany faced Ali scares me!

  5. It seems so unfair to lose stuff that has been deliberately and responsibly saved - little treats that have been tucked away to enjoy when you have the time to indulge. No wonder you are moany!
    This post did make me smile, though!

  6. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Poor you! Great poem though......

  7. I've just come upon your blog this afternoon for the first time...and I think I love you already. Thanks for writing such fun and interesting bits. I too, am a Dr Who fan...though here in the States we see the new episodes some time after they are old hat to you. **sigh** no matter. The Doctor is just wonderful. I am sad for your loss, but happy to have found your adorable blog. Cheers to you new friend. :)

  8. Goodness me! Have you managed to watch Dr Who again. I liked the dream one the other week. I guessed it was the doctor and felt VERY pleased with myself I can tell you!
    In our house my husband and son watch them over and over too!
    Lisa x


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