Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Up to our necks!

"Hello everybody"

(I'm saying that in the voice of Dr Nick from the Simpsons)

It is two weeks until the end of the school year so you can imagine we are up to our necks in it, projects and homework to be finished, finding out new teachers and classrooms, assemblies, fun days, day trips, gifts to be made and baked, lists and more all know exactly what I mean!  AND I have a sore mouth yet again after my trip to the orthodontist yesterday so it was tomato soup from a tin for lunch in the hope that the childhood memory of eating it will help me forget how much I'd actually like to use my teeth to chew something, anything really.  It's amazing the things I suddenly crave when I know I cannot eat them.  The plan of pasta tonight seems now to be a ridiculous pipe dream in which I should have known better. It's not even my teeth, not really, it's my whole face, starting in my jaw and spreading all over and it makes me a right auld misery gutsI do have to add that on top of that I lost a stone out of my favourite antique ring yesterday too and it makes me sad, boo-hoo!!  One of three large opals so very noticeable and unwearable I'm afraid to say.  I don't quite understand why my face is making me feel poorly but it is.  I've spent the better part of today sewing because reading wouldn't work, I just couldn't concentrate so I don't get why sewing was OK.  Of course I have decided to make six felt cupcakes for Teachers and the Nursery staff I help out when I pretend to have a career as a Librarian, like I haven't got enough to do!!
I am starting to yearn for the holidays even though I know after a few weeks I'll be ready to lock my Biscuits up in the shed. I equally love and loathe not having a set routine for the days.  We have just inherited a tent and equipment from my Hubby's parents so camping here we come, we have a wedding (remember THAT cake!!) and a canal boat holiday to look forward to. Lots of fun things but I'm feeling sorry for myself and very hormonal so add to that some guilt coming my way when I get grumpy with my Biscuits for something/anything later today!
Feel free to tell me to get a grip and cheer up, maybe a row will help me from marinating in meloncholy for too long!



  1. Oh poor you, a sore mouth / face sounds so nasty. I hope you are feeling better soon - just think of all the cake eating you'll have to catch up on - that should keep you going!?

    Only 2 weeks to go? we have at least another month of school, I really should get some activities / holidays planned ... x

    p.s. I love the felt cupcakes, they are very gorgeous.

  2. Goodness your tooth pain sounds awful, I hope it clears up soon and leaves you feeling much better and happier!
    I fully sympathise with the whole struggle with routine loss and the grumpiness and then the guilt thing over the hols.
    I bet those cupcakes will be very well received though.
    Lisa x

  3. Bless you sweet Ali, you have had a tough time.

    Hang on in there girl!


  4. Hang in there Ali, you will soon feel better !

    Louise xx

    PS I had an opal replaced in a ring and it didn't cost half as much as I expected...

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words! I didn't mention yesterday on t'internet that Hubby was away working too which made it all much worse but he's back now and I can chew with only slight pain and allbeit slowly but still......
    Louise I shall have to look into that, hadn't even considered it! Thank you letting me know!

  6. Hope you're feeling better now. The summer eally is creeping up on us (Holidays I mean). We still have 4 weeks to go BUT as we live sooooo near the border we kind of get the holiday feeling with you folks and let it carry on until September. Know what you mean about the like / loath the holiday thing too.


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