Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Is it just me or.....

is anyone else struggling to get house-y, read boring rubbish domestic chores, done in this sunshine?  I find myself each day after walking my Biscuits to school doing this........

...when of course I have a long, long list of things needing done.  In my part of Scotland it's been sunny for over two weeks now, not always warm but bright.  Thus, the ironing monster is growing and goodness I go on about it enough for you to know how much I hate ironing at the best of times so how, lordy how am I suppose to force myself to do it when it's sunny outside?  Does anyone else find themselves placing the pile on lower down objects so it doesn't look quite so huge?  If only I stop moving it around the house and actually deal with it but no......manyana to that I say!!!
I am very lucky, there are no real consequences to putting it all off, only guilt that I'm a rubbish housewife and my ego can cope with that!  I inhabit that happy medium betwixt 'the scary heebie-jeebie Queen of The Fear' Anthea Turner and Waynetta the Slob so it's all good!  As long as my brood get fed after their days at school and work, that's the least I can do after lounging in the garden for most of the day!
My I love blogging!  You see how I wrote my way into feeling justified to sit in my garden, surrounded by the birds singing and my cats snoring (Hamish is really loud!) and craft my day awayAs the lovely Vanessa from Coco Rose said yesterday "being spoon fed from the happiness jar".  Isn't that a lovely way to describe contentedness?  It's not too hard to be so, the sun makes it easier to feel happiness and not spending time in my house makes it easier to ignore those 'clean me' signs!



  1. Its only natural to make the most of the sunshine!
    My garden is getting far more attention than the house.

  2. Do what I did when I lived in a house with a garden. Extension cable + iron + ironing board + sunshine = outdoor ironing, put the radio on too and voila ironing while getting a tan. Sadly not an option on a 2nd floor flat! xx

  3. Ironing is only possible while watching a good murder on TV, and they are only on after 9....so enjoy the sunshine I say !!
    Louise xx

  4. I will tell you how to get the ironing done - make your other half do it whilst watching the football! Well, that's what happened in our house on Sunday night.

    But really the story goes back to 2002, the year I moved in with the man that is now my husband.... One day whilst doing my own ironing I also did some of his shirts. The next day he got a shirt out of the wardrobe and uttered the words that will never be forgotten...'I thought you said you'd ironed this shirt'. Well there's only one answer to that isn't there? Which is never to iron his shirts again. So now the ironing is (mostly) his job. heehee!

    As for the rest of the housework - I am ignoring too.

  5. Aah Victoria I don't do the Hubby's ironing ever and alas he isn't remotely interested in football, besides he irons everything so precisely it takes hours.....I succumbed and did it to Doctor Who a wee while ago.
    Louise, after 9pm I'm pretty much useless!
    Emma-Jayne, I am banned by electrician Hubby from ever taking any indoor electrical equipment outside, very dangerous to do!!

  6. Sod the housework when the sun is shining.......

  7. Just don't let them in the house then there's no housework to do. Who invented ironing?? Know what you mean though the pile and the guilt just grows and grows. Enjoy the weather whilst you can

  8. Got to make the most of the sun I reckon.
    Any theories on how Dr Who is going to get out of this scrape?
    Lisa x

  9. It's just far too hot to iron, I might pass out and that would be dangerous, that's my excuse anyhow. We're running out of clothes though so I'll have to tackle it soon.
    Thanks for the Nigella tip, I'll try that cake next.

    I'm very envious of your pictures, that's just what I want to do, sadly too much gardening to catch up on - many wilting plants, tsk tsk...

  10. As well you know young Ali, I am but a whirling dervish of domesticity ...!

    My tip would be to set yourself a small window for jobs (mine is before 11am) and then enjoy the rest of the day guilt-free!

    My other tip re ironing - a lovely lady who takes it away once a fortnight and returns it beautifully ironed!!! My one domestic indulgence! :-)


  11. ya ha!!

    schlob-locks to it! Thats what I say! We dont know how long it will last!! Got to make the most of it! How annoyed would you be if today was the last day of summer and you were inside, glowing over the ironing!!?

    MrsB would say.....drink tea (in pretty cup), look at your roses and plan lovely foodie treats!....I'll be round in half an hour!


  12. I so agree. Household chores really do suck when the sunshines.

  13. Ha!! Good for you! My ironing pile is heading skyward, in two piles if you must know and clothes are slipped out from these precarious piles as and when we need them and we are wearing things with CREASES in because we dont care - its sunny and warm and too nice to be indoors doing boring stuff.
    In my avoidance of ironing, I have managed to devour a whole Rosamund Pilcher novel this week. How clever am I?

    Love to you, I adore your blog!

    Julia x x x

  14. Julia, you sweetheart!!
    p.s you are indeed very clever, a lady after my own heart!


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