Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 2 and a hodilay!

Hey folks......
Week two's marvellous make was this... ickle knitted pouch for my crochet hooks.  It's a bit skew-wiffy because I added an extra kitted layer at the bottom to keep the hooks in place (too lazy to line with fabric) but it will do the job and I've been meaning to replace the vanilla pod metal tube I've been using for a while now as it makes an awful noise, all those hooks rattling around inside.  I used Rowan handknit cotton and a lovely button I received as an 'extra' from Jess at Nellie&Elsie.  I wanted to make it  for the project (you can just about see the practice squares in one of the above pictures) I have planned for next week when we are off on this...

The 'Speckled Hen'- image from cottage4you

...for a whole relaxing, rejuvenating seven days.  Meandering along the canals of England and Wales with a book or this granny square project for my bed, on my lap taking in the sights and sounds at a slow pace. Sipping on a nice wine of an evening........bliss!!  It won't be like this all the time, we will be with the Biscuits after all but the potential is there and I'm all about the potential.  Father-in-law will be present to talk 'boring' narrow boat things with Hubby Biscuit and help drive etc (all those things I want no part of!!) and Mother-in-law will be present to talk 'interesting' things about whatever we like, with me.  The Biscuits will partake in one or t'other, both or none of the above.  
As expected I am having a busy, busy week preparing.  Hubby is working a lot of extra hours coincidentally, so can't help organize as much as he usually does and to top it all I spent the better part of yesterday at the orthodontist in Edinburgh (aahh! those blue eyes!) so I am in pain today AND I had an appointment at the hospital earlier today to see a surgeon and the Biscuits and I had to wait 


to be seen.  Like I had nothing better to do when I have a holiday to prepare for and in pain and my poor boys were amazing considering.  I eased my guilt at dragging them along with crisps as soon as we got out.  Having to wait that long to discuss procedures I don't particularly want but have to have was a right pain in the proverbial...and mouth for that matter!!  I am finding it hard to concentrate on writing lists so I am procrastinating a little by being here with you.  I've a gazillion things to do and feel my usual mantra about hodilays floating around my head 'after preparing for a holiday, I'll need a holiday'.  The fact I will be going on one is handy then!!!  
Hubby Biscuit still doesn't believe me when I say I am leaving my laptop behind.  I bet he sneaks it in a bag pretending he was thinking of me if it rains continuously for the whole week but it''ll be for him really to look up something 'boring' about narrow boats! 

See you soon!!



  1. Ooohhh, don't get me started about hospital waiting times - every time I take #2 for his appointment at the children's hospital (nothing very serious!) I have to wait ages - it's just no good with young children who can't sit still! Or adults that are in pain for that matter....hope you are pain free very soon.

    Love the Royal Sister's 'Grandma's All Square' motif - it'll make a lovely blanket.

    Have a great hol! x

  2. I did that kind of holiday when I was 16 with my sisters and my Dad and we had a whale of a time. We bought a notebook on the first day and sued it was our 'log book' recording the journey as it went along. I wodner what happened to it?!
    Wishing you a wonderful time, hope the run up to it isn't going to get much more stressful!
    Lisa x

  3. Victoria, I found that tutorial via your blog!!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time, sounds like great fun, especially the crochet and wine bit.

    Poor you, hope the pain stops soon. x

  5. Hope the pain has gone...and hope you all have a wonderful holiday xxx

  6. Love the crochet hook case!
    I'm with you on hospital waiting times, I waited 2 hours past my appointment time for a baby scan recently (with a full bladder!) and then was treated really badly becasue the sonographer was clearly overworked! Not his fault but being tense does not make for comfortable scan!!!

  7. Love crochet hook case.... the button "makes" it. Have a wonderful week away. Hope you get good weather.

  8. Pretty crochet hook case - I think I'll have to make one of those now! Getting ready for a holiday is all part of the fun - especially if you like making lists (Hmmmmm!) I hope you took your crochet to your hospital appointment - I always take mine now, so that I don't resent the waiting around so much. Have a happy time away!

  9. Hope the pain buggers off!

    Cute make, I love the colour.

  10. Have a wonderful holiday! Love the wedding cake you made, beautiful!
    Rachel x

  11. I have just found your blog will enjoy following you have a great holiday.


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