Thursday, 12 August 2010

A quick hello!

Howdy folkaroonies!
I've just managed to get my laptop on for the first time in just under two weeks which just seems mental. Seventy eight e-mails I may add and not one from a real person.  
I wanted to say a quick hello to you all, to say I'm back and hope to be blogging properly soon, why this doesn't count as a proper post I do not know?!?  Our canal boat holiday was wonderful, unbelievably relaxing and gypsy-soul embracing.  I loved it.  This week, this week....Hubby Biscuit and I decided to (stupidly)  have a clear out and sort out cupboards.  Not teeny cupboards either but walk in ones!!!  Aah!!!  You know those jobs that get worse before they get better.  Glad when it's done jobs. Can see/can't see why we put them off jobs.  All consuming.....
Hubby has had an allergic reaction to the hoover, used it more in the last few days than in his whole life.  His body was not happy and made him ill.  I've told him in no uncertain terms I'm not falling for it.  It's akin to making crappy tea to get out of making any at all.  I've tried that one on him and it didn't work.  That's Electricians for you, drink any ol' dishwater/tar tea!  To be fair it was me that brought up the hoover reaction thing, he's just ill but I've got to have a little domestic dig!!
I don't think I've ever posted so late but I had to get my sluttish red toes wet before I got serious withdrawal and I confess I have missed my ickle blog and my bloggy friends! 



  1. Pleased to hear the holiday was all good and most of all relaxing.
    I think the summer hols when people are home is a popular time for a clear out. We hope to do a car boot next week with all ours!
    Lisa x

  2. Hey lovely Ali. Glad you had super time - terribly envious, always wanted to holiday on the canals.

    Aah, the 'gets worse before it gets better' clear out - good for the soul if not marital relations!

    Speak soon petal, Hx

  3. Glad you are back and that you had a great time - looking forward to hearing the tales... x

  4. I've just got back too and written what I don't consider to be a proper post!
    Good luck with the hoover and the hubby, never had much luck with that combination myself!
    Louise x


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