Thursday, 19 August 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 5!

Feeling quite back to normal today!  As the lovely Heather predicted no matter how much I pottered about yesterday I achieved nothing.  Should have sat on my bottom watching DVD's after all.  My Biscuits had a wonderful first day and came home very excited and full of news.  I always feel sorry for their Daddy at this point as they tell me about their day when they arrive home but by the time Hubby Biscuit comes in from work they cannae be bothered repeating themselves.  Shame!  Eldest Biscuit got all moody and teenager like by tea time, it seems you cannot be that 'up' without the come down.
So before I get back to cleaning I thought I would share with you my make for Week 5 of the 52MMM Challenge.  Youngest Biscuit is just entering his third year of Primary School and his teacher this year has never had a class of her own yet as she has just finished her probation year.  She was very excited yesterday photographing the kiddies as they lined up and during the holiday YB received a post card from her welcoming him to her class.  He was so chuffed to get a note from his new teacher as well as receiving post full stop.  She really made his day so I thought she deserved this as a wee thank you being so thoughtful... apple brooch.  She loved it I am pleased to say! See below for my makes up to now and for a looksee at some other lovely peeps makes at Flickr.
I wonder what this weeks make will be?



  1. That is adorable!! Read your previous blog post about the narrow boat! I know what you mean about the "boring talks" my Mom and Dad want one and it's pretty much all that is talked about in our house at the mo! ha x

  2. Thanks for the link to delia and her bramble jelly,I will let you know how I get on, I am planning to make it next week for my T52MMMC.
    I love the apple brooch what a lovely idea.
    jacey x

  3. She sounds like she is going to be a nice teacher! I'msure she will be tickled pink with the brooch.
    Louise x

  4. Would you share the pattern/directions for the darling week 33 make...finger pin cushion? Never seen anything like it and I just came across felt scraps. Thanks.

  5. Chris, the Rose is from a pattern in ' My favourite felt sweets', a Japanese book I bought from Amazon. I had the ring in my fixings stash. I really just made the Rose and sewed it to the ring. Sorry I can't be more helpful as I cannot reproduce the pattern here as it is not mine. The book is good though! Ali. X


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