Monday, 30 August 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 6!

What a glorious day we are having up here in my wee piece of Scotland.  I hope all you lovely folks down south are blessed with such good weather on your bank holiday, fingers crossed.  I never look at forecasts so am oblivious...

Last weeks make was these...

 yummy, scrummy, in my tummy [lots] brownies!

Not to be too decadent, they have bananas in them, so healthy really if  we discount the butter, sugar, chocolate and walnuts.  I love brownies, especially the edge pieces that are slightly over done.  I had forgotten all about this recipe from a long ago Good Food magazine and my Biscuits find them less rich than the ones we usually bake from Nigella's Domestic Goddess or Jamie 'O's Cook with JamieI love the ease of making, of stirring lazily and the soothing smell of chocolate warming in the pan.  I want one now so am thrilled I had enough sense to freeze some.
I am stuck a little on this weeks make as I am reaching into the realms of Christmas making - I know it's early but if I don't start now I'll be a 'baldy, crazy lady' Ali, like the scary cat lady from the Simpsons, ready to crumble in a heap in the corner, wanting  never to see Christmas again and I can't have that!  No way No how!!  I give myself a huge list you see and this year, I'll capitalize that again for effect,   THIS YEAR  I am determined to get ahead, hence the problem.  I don't want to be showing them all in detail on here in case the cat gets out of the bag but it's what I'll be mainly making.  I'll maybe have to play that game with the photos, of really close up parts of the makes, making it hard to tell what the full thing is.  But that would defeat the purpose really as of course I want to show them...aaah!!
Ach we'll see.....



  1. I wish i had some brownies...they look wonderful! We have had some sunshine today aswell it has been lovely xx

  2. Lovely and sunny down in the West too....... Well done you for being organised enough to be thinking of Christmas! I am a last minute merchant! :O)

  3. They look good, just amde a cuppa and they would be perfect to go with it.
    Lisa x

  4. Hello!! Well done you have won my son was hiding behind the sign!!

    You were picked out as the winner!!

    Please email me at with your address and i will send you a little something soon :)

    My son is with me as a write this, he said that the brownies in this post look amazing and could i ask you for some!! hee hee

    Is it possible for you to send me the recipe, rather than some brownies in the post!!!!

    LissyLou xxxx

  5. Ooh I won a wee something. I love a wee something!
    Just e-mailed and attached the recipe too.
    Thanks LissyLou xx

    Anyone else want the recipe? It's ready to attach to an e-mail, let me know. :O)

  6. Naughty Ali tempting us all - they are making my mouth water, just too too tempting! x

  7. If my hand could reach through cyberspace and grab one of those, I dearly would - they look beyond words!!

    Love Julia x x x

  8. Your Brownies look delicious xx I love the stodgy middle the best! Weather in Devon is good so far - but then it would be as the children go back to school on Thursday. Mmmm Christmas planning (my favourite time of year) there is no such thing as being too early
    Love Em x

  9. Oh you are SO good at baking!!! Wish you lived nearer so I could swap you buttons for cake!!!
    Great idea to start now for Christmas - I'm already getting that feeling if I don't start now I'll be behind!! x


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