Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It's a funny kind of day....

My Biscuits have gone back to school today and it's always a funny kind of day.  
This year, due to holidaying so late, the weeks haven't dragged so much.  I haven't wanted to lock my Biscuits in the shed at all really which is a rarity in itself, so I wasn't really wishing for the first day at all.  Yet it has come today and my Biscuits were so excited to get back, again a rarity.  Even receiving a letter yesterday to say Eldest Biscuit's expected teacher would not be returning and he would be getting a new one, didn't dampen their spirits too much (well once EB had taken himself to his duvet for a bit to deal with the disappointment!)  But I always find the first day back emotional.  Suddenly we are up, dressed, fed and out by 8.30 which is just so strange and then I am back home by 9am to a very quiet house and it feels all weird and wrong.  Don't get me wrong that 'very quiet house' will become 'peaceful' soon enough but today, today it feels...and I all feels......y'know. 
I had lots of house work planned but the quiet is freaking me out and making me want to sit and stare.  No, I do not like the first day of school.  Maybe if the sun was shining and it wasn't trying to rain my spirits would be lifted somewhat but it's not and it is, so.....
Maybe a DVD and lots of hot drinks and some crochet are called for or I'll just get a grip and get the hoover out!  A Valentine Warner DVD though.........??!!



  1. Poor old Ali. I know that feeling so well. If you're anything like me, you'll achieve absolutely nothing and be clock watching today. Give in to it girl, put your feet up and do the crochet and dvd thing. :-) Hx

  2. That'll be me next week when James is away. I don't mind being alone during the day but I don't like to be all alone at night. Boo. xx

  3. It's a bit wierd really we are just over the border and still have a couple of weeks to go. Summer is hardly over and already you are counting down on the autumn term. Take it easy it's takes a while to adjust and then before you know it, it will be the holidays again.

  4. Blimey the holidays have flown by, not keen on sending mine back either, still have a couple of weeks though.

    Give in to the dvd and crochet - I find housework always waits for you. x

  5. Oh yes I recognise that feeling so well.
    I would like to hold onto the lazy days and the less scheduled life that the hols bring, before long it slips away though.
    Lisa x


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