Thursday, 8 July 2010

I cannot get enough of....


I am obsessed, addicted and enthralled by them and goodness Marks & Spencer know how to produce exceptional ones!

Here is their latest addition to my collection...

All you need is tea and a custard cream!  
I've said it before, here.

Isn't it wonderful?  Measuring over ten by seven and a half inches and holding four hundred grams of biscuits, it cannot fail but delight the senses!   


Husband Biscuit despairs and asks...
"What will you do with this one?"  
Does it really need saying ladies? No, I agree but I said anyways..
"Put stuff in it!" 
"What stuff?"  
I tell him to wheesht and eat up the contents, confounding, confusing and distracting him from a brain taxing (him not me) display of plain silly good cop questioning.  

                                     Custard Creams!  

By the way if any of you fancy making a homemade version, there's a fantastic recipe in Nigella's FeastIf anyone would like the recipe let me know and I'll e-mail it to will be worth it, I promise!! 



  1. Ah the custard cream! When I was a little girl these were my favourite and i could scoff a whole packet in under a minute! Then, one day, they just did nothing for me and the bourbon took hold! We have a pack of each in the house....custard creams for the mr and bourbons for me! Nothing beats them with a cuppa. Great tin though, you can never have enough tins! xxxxx

    p.s....definitely NOT a dunker though...they have to remain dry before they hit the gob!

  2. I was in boarding school as a teenager and my mother used to buy me big value packs of Custard Creams, Bourbon Creams and some horrid strawberry and orange flavoured ones, all for my Tuck-box.I didn't love them, but I ate them when I was hungry enough, until one day she sent me back with Jersey Creams...oh my, I still love them. I tolerate Custard or Bourbon creams..only just...but I do love the tin!

  3. you is so a lady after my own custard cream heart x

  4. Custard creams are yummy, but not as yummy as that tin!! Love it !

  5. That is quite some tin! I WANT it. I agree re the Nigella recipe, I have baked them and they are yummy! :O))))))))))))))

  6. Hope there will still be a tin left when I make it down to the " Not just any tin" shop..... Actually I'm not a fan of the custard cream although my son is.... A cream / jam ring though...

  7. Fabulous tin. I used to collect tins too about 20 years ago, but eventually donated them to a charity shop. That one would be a keeper though!
    Lisa x

  8. Gorgeous tin, I obviously NEED one now I've seen it, hmmm when can I next pop into town? x

  9. Fab Tin, I couldn't have said no if I saw it in M&S. I'm on a diet at the moment do biscuits are out for me for now, but that tin might just satify any cravings that came along.
    Enjoy filling it with suff, My other half says exactly the same as yours, I just ignore him,lol.
    Great find, have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  10. Ooooh that looks fab! Might have to have a trip into town tomorrow morning....!

  11. Oh I designed this tin and the jammy dodger one, and there is a new one available - the big bourbon biscuit!
    Go on you know you want to......... x


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