Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 1

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This challenge was set up by the lovely Mrs Thrifty as a way to get those usually endless 'WIPS' completed, one per week for 52 weeks and importantly to enjoy and find pleasure in the process of the making of those projects.  I wasn't inclined to accept such a challenge as I hate feeling I have to do things but I thought of that list I have of things I mean to make and somehow never get around to.  I thought I'd use this challenge as a way of trying to get through that list and any of those new challenges in the land of homemade.  All that and any of those things I really find pleasure in making.
So for Week 1 I thought what better place to start than with THAT wedding cake!  It was mainly a pleasurable experience, especially when it was done and dusted, ready to be enjoyed.  So here it is...

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Here is a the photo of the gorgeous Bride and Groom with their heads....the above photo was all about the cake...

 Don't they look happy?  
They cut the cake with a humongous sword, by the way, shame you cannot see it!  
It was a wonderful wedding!  The atmosphere was amazing, infectious and all the guests were up for having a huge celebration.  The last wedding I was at was so serious, formal, dire and pretentious, it was actually really uncomfortable and unsettling to be there so it was bliss and such a relief to attend a wedding that was how they should be, a joy filled celebration!  
Other than our own wedding  four years ago, My Biscuits have never been to a full day ceremony and reception, so they had a ball.....check out their outfits!

Eldest Biscuit cannot pose seriously for a photo!

They managed to stay until the end, for Runrig and Loch Lomond, at midnight, but they did flag a little during the disco...

 Not really sleeping though, just resting their eyes. 

So that was the wedding, the cake and the first week of The 52Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge
I wonder what I'll make next week?



  1. Wow - you did so well, that cake looks amazing!
    Your biscuits are so cute in their kilts!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make next...x

  2. Ali, it's simply stunning! Well done you; bet you're so proud of yourself.

    Love the 52 makes idea, can't wait to see your results! I'm struggling to make the beds at the moment, never mind making crafty bits!!!


  3. Wow, it looks fabulous - what a happy day to be part of.

    I love that your boys take it so seriously! (they do look fab though). x

  4. Hi Ali, Your cake looks amazing, I'm glad everyone had a great time. I love the photos of your boys in their kilts. xx

  5. The cake turned out so well didn't it ? You must be very proud of your cake and your handsome boys!
    Louise x

  6. Your cake is gorgeous! Have a sweet day!

  7. Your boys look so smart and your cake is a triumph!
    Lisa x


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