Monday, 19 July 2010

A heartfelt thank you!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you wonderful people for leaving reassuring, supportive, kind comments in regards to my hormone lead, flagging motivation during Project Wedding Cake.  Suffice to say by that evening I felt back on track and a bit like my old self again.  Thursday was one of those days I hated everything and really should have stayed in bed and tried to miss it out completely (as if!!!!). 
My lovely Husband brought me wine and chocolate and what an amazing comfort/crutch they were.
I shouldn't have doubted my abilities as the cake turned out how I planned and was very much appreciated particularly once it got cut up and eaten.  I often feel I lead a boring little old life where I do nothing of real consequence or importance and on Saturday at my friends lovely wedding I felt I had achieved something, did something I may never have ever challenged myself to do and not only managed it but did a really good job of it.  
Yet I am not in a hurry to do it again, I put way too much pressure on myself to achieve perfection!  I stand by the statement I have found myself uttering.. "I don't make wedding cakes, I made a wedding cake!".......well until the next person challenges me!

Smoochy smooches to you out there for making me feel better when I felt mucho crappo!!


P.S I will be posting photos of the completed cake at a later date as I am leaving them for the first week reveal of the lovely Mrs Thrifty's T52MMMChallenge.  To be honest I'm so fed up of the rain, suffering a little from cabin fever and didn't have the energy to upload them tonight.  I am a naughty, read lazy, Ali! xx


  1. I'm glad to hear all turned out ok hon. ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the pics - I bet it looks fab!

  2. Not naughty or lazy- just normal! Think there is something in the air as almost everyone I know is feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Wine and chocolate very good antidote to this but not so great for (my) expanding waistline. Want to see pics soon. Ax

  3. Glad it turned out ok in the end, sorry you had a 'moment' during the process, I get them all the time - I'm sure it was amazing when finished - can't wait to see the pics.

    I've been out of blogland for a while and I'm just catching up, sounds like you've had a busy week! C x

  4. Yay! You did it! Looking forward to the pictures!!!!


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