Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Food for the sole(s).........

Take the remains of a stripped, scrummy roast chicken, as if it can't be scrummy, and bung (I love that word) it in a pot with onion, carrot, celery, thyme or a bay leaf or your herb of choice, peppercorns, water enough to cover and simmer for half an hour or so. 
Sieve into a jug and you end up with golden joy to behold......
Add this amber nectar to some veg and the stripped pieces of chicken to make a yummy, scrummy in my tummy, soup.
And as Gordon Ramsay would say with lots of 'yes' hand gestures 'yes':
Enough to give me fuzzy warm feetsie's even if I am still pratically living in my apron at the minute.
and if I could have, I would have repeated the joy of a few weeks ago and had one of my very, very favourite treats by adding some of this.....
to the usual ingredients and do this for two hours............
and end up with this beauty..........
to devours, in a lady like fashion of course.


P.S Organic, Free Range chicky meat makes for happy, happy feet!!
Food for the sole(s).......


  1. So glad you're a chirpy chicken again! Soup looks yummy - I'll be round for supper, say 7ish?! Hx

  2. Hi Ali, that soups looks good i could just eat some! Russ said thank you for the birthday message :) I made some brooches a couple of weeks ago for spring, i will put them on etsy this evening, i can make wolf holding different things. Hope you are having a lovely day xxx

  3. Hey!! Thanks for my comment! Haha, finally another one! My Mom keeps telling me to buy Uggs which I respond "Eww, no Mother!!" haha!

    Yum, your syrup pudding looks scrum-diddily-umptious! Love your blog, cooking is a big passion of mine! I'm the youngest of the household but the only one who can cook so therefore I have to do it all!

    Laura xx

  4. Now im huuuungry! i have enough destractions from doing actual work and now you've given me fooooood! hehe it looks scrummy! i do pretty much the same but stew! tastes soooo gooood! oh how i wish i had a chicken in my house right now, it would be in that pan before you could say....errr.... chicken soup!

  5. Yum yum. I'm looking up ways yo make sure I use up 'everything' food wise as much as I can this year - and making stock is great idea. Looks great. Just a shame I'm on the Cambridge Diet LOL

  6. Nothing beats home made soup...... and that pudding.......... reminds me of the sort of puds my mum used to make........

  7. Hi i can definately make you one with wolf holding a cupcake, and maybe a daffodil that will be fun to try, i will send you some photos as soon as they are done :) Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx


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