Monday, 4 January 2010

I'm all of a kerfuffle in the comedown of Christmas!

Is it just me in these depths of confusion? I'm confused to what day it is, what time of day it is and what on earth should I be doing just now? The answer to that last one at least is 'the dreaded' ironing but I'm putting that off for a mo......I'm just in all kinds of a kerfuffle in these first few days of 2010. I was SO busy leading up to Christmas with no time unaccounted for and then suddenly the 'nothing to do time' I was craving came and it was nice for a time but I felt like a rocket that was going so fast that even when I stopped, inside I kept going, not feeling like I had stopped at all.
Things feel out of sync.
People are here, people who are not normally here in the main daytime hours, namely Hubby and our Biscuits so my routine is out the window. I'm feeling all kinds of uninspired, unsure what to make and do but with a deep sense of needing to create something.
My little corner is calling to me but I don't have an inkling of what I want to do or be there.

Yet the teeny optimistic voice inside me is trying to get my attention, trying to remind me the January Blues will pass, that's it's a crazy, unsettling time and all will be good. The voice will grow louder and louder still until it becomes my own and I will feel balanced once more.  I'm going to try and listen really hard.



  1. Happy New Year! I know exactly what you mean - it's a strange time of year and not helped by the normal routine dissolving!! Mine went back to school today and I found myself with four days' worth of stuff to do in one day!! xx

  2. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yes me too, me too! Especially the what to create?! I just randomly ricocheted round the house, making, moving, pulling out, knitting not knitting, sewing not sewing....! We will settle in a while! I am going to make lemon curd tomorrow, in a way of channelling nervous creative energy (and as a way of avoiding tidying the kids toy space!!) x

  3. Hi, i know what you mean about january...i have lots of plans and things i want to make and no motivation to get started. Good luck with the ironing and have a lovely week xxx


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