Sunday, 10 January 2010

The end of a love affair!

Up until about a week ago, if anyone asked me about my feelings for snow I would have proclaimed child-like joy about it. Not being a driver, snow is a wonder to be, walk, play in, something rare and something magical, not really an inconvenience at all. If you asked me now, well I've had enough. Our part of Scotland has had snow now for over three weeks but have had no more than a teeny amount of fresh snowfall in the last week or so. There is the Great Thaw during the day and to be honest it's lost it's appeal for playing in. Icy snow is not fun. It's just sooo cold out there. We are suffering from Cabin Fever. One plus side is our family visitors from Australia are in awe, even Brother-in-law who is a native of these lands. For them snow is magical still.
Yet, if  I can carry on the moaning, due to our visitors we are all supposed to be heading to Loch Ness for the weekend, a lovely family getaway to enjoy the views and together time, but on Friday there, we were told the property's (gorgeous 1930's, five bedroom beauty on the banks) pipes have frozen, it'll be refund more than likely and that's pants!  I know, it could be worse.........much worse but it's enough.  My love affair with snow is dying a death and it's sad. Sad. Sad.
My 'cup half full' philosophy leads me to focus on school going back in the morn (fingers crossed, please no frozen pipes or heating issues), weekend away (we'll cross that bridge.......), a two tier Ruby Anniversary cake for my parents-in-law (never done a tiered cake-eeek!! It'll be fine!) which will be mucho fun while I'm doing it, and their Anniversary 'do' to enjoy family, drinks, food and dancing and more dancing and maybe some more dancing.  Real things to look forward to.
So here's me jumping on the band wagon of snow dissing after wishing for it each winter, come next winter I'll be ready to rekindle my love affair.  Desire for fires and cosy blankees, warm wine and chocolate will come to the surface again and I will greet snow like a lover ready to embrace and enjoy.



  1. Don't even talk to me about cabin fever. In the last 2 weeks I've been out the house about twice... it's starting to get to me a bit. Stupid snow... x

  2. Oh cupcakes, that is a shame about your weekend. :-( I too have been grumping about the snow and I daresay we have rather less of it down her in the sheltered midlands than you. But then, at lunch today, my 8 year old daughter, with sheer joy in her eyes, relived her very first experience of sledging yesterday and I thought maybe it wasn't so bad. For a day or two more anyway!! ;-)

  3. xxxx I feel your pain and I don't have to make a two tiered cake!! x

  4. Hi, sorry you missed your weekend away! i too am starting to get a bit fed up now of being cold and having to wear my wellingtons all day.

    Take care xxx


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