Monday, 16 May 2011

Feeling like a hormonal Keith Lemon.....

...and this is why.


Who knows how it is that my wrist is in this state today? 
Am rubbish at typing with one finger let alone my left hand.  
So why am I?  
A blatant non-apologetic need for sympathy I'm afraid.
My hormone riddled body wants to weep for the pain, the inconvenience and the unfairness if it.
I had so many plans...scunnered now.  
Under strict instructions not to use it.
Must fight the childish rebelliousness in me to do what the buggery I want, sore wrist or no sore wrist.

Could be worse I know, I could have dodgy eighties hair and a tash.



  1. Awww! You poor poppet! But you gave me a real giggle at the end! Hope it gets better really quickly.

  2. always a good way to look at it....

    cup of tea and a few biscuits methinks!


  3. Aaaaaaaaw, you poor love!

    Let me pour you a cup of virtual tea to go with some cupcakes and biscuits. Hope you are soon better.
    I would have liked to have seen a dodgy 80s hairdo and a 'tash, though!
    Gorgeous x

  4. Eww Ali, how could you even compare yourself to that ghastly man???

    Wotcha done sweet?

    This calls for medicinal choccy and a little patience ...


  5. Oh poor you, at least you have an excuse for no housework - you can sit and reads mags and eat cake guilt free. Hope you're out of pain soon though. x

  6. You poor thing :( sending you big hugs xx

  7. The only thing is ladies is I am barely better at using my left hand as using one of my feet. Coordinated I am not therefore not doing much more than sitting....:(

  8. Poor you. Soak it in a bowl of hot water with a cup of Epsom salts in it? Helps me. Abby x

  9. Ouch! Hope your wrist is better soon - KL reminds me of a rather pervy swedish sort, although he did have me laughing the other night when he was screaming at Lulu!!

    Get well soon! Jx

  10. Youch.
    Can you down some vodka and pretend you can type with both hands? No?


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