Friday, 1 April 2011

It's Friday Ali! Why so forlorn?

 The chocolate cake is finished!




  1. DESPERATE for some tea and cake. Would call you up right now if a)we lived nearer and b)i had such a place near me!

  2. I've fallen off the wagon... I've supposedly given up chocolate for lent but today I have attacked the bourbon biscuits with a scary ferocity not seen here since last Easter. Bad.

    But tasty! Just bake another, namesake. I cannot stand to see your sad face a minute longer!!! Ax

  3. Fishy, if you were to call I'd be there in a flash! Pants to being in a whole other country!xx

  4. This is easily fixed.

    All you need to do is make one, and bring it here ;) x

  5. sook! Get in the kitchen! I am on the train heading North! x

  6. Eeeeeeeek. Ohhh holy hedgehogs twinks, no chocolate cake?!?! What is a girl to do?!?! I reckons more baking is a must, canna have no choccy cake!!! Loves XXX

  7. Lovely Antonia, you should see the 'is it arms or legs?' on my glasses, like 70's furniture. I should post a photo.


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