Monday, 4 April 2011

A Random List of 38 things I love (that I can think of at the mo) for my birthday!

Which is today by the way!  You find me hungover (not enough sleep for the amount of wine I consumed. I should know better at my age!) and feeling very delicate...the sofa and my new Gene Kelly box set awaits.

A List

1.Cake -  I know it comes as a shock!
2.When you move a fairy bottle and an ickle bubble pops out of the top.  For some reason I have always called washing up liquid shopping up liquid.  Mind you I always call cotton buds pipe cleaners.  I get names muddled very easily.
3.When my eldest made the joke about an orthodontist being a dentist who writes books.
4. Getting absolutely soaked in the rain and having to strip off and get completely changed, even knickers.  I have a vivid memory of one occasion doing this at uni in Glasgow which left me so invigorated with being alive, I have never forgotten it.
5. A really good bowl of soup.  I could eat soup every other day easy peasy.
6. The smell of wild garlic on a woodland walk.
7. A robin puffing out its chest.  My most favourite bird to see in the garden.  Makes me think of the Jackson Five too which in turn leads me to think of 70’s music clubs of my youth in Edinburgh, MC5, very short dresses, hotpants and feather boas.
8. Roast chicken.  Easily the best Sunday dinner of all time and number one in our family Top Ten Meals.  We do like to do Top Tens whilst sitting at the table together.
9.Pantomimes.  I will boo and hiss at the baddies in my loudest voice every time. 
10. Feeling part of a crafting community - it’s all so very inspiring.
11. The alchemy of baking - it is truly amazing!!
12. Stroking a newly smoothed, sugar pasted cake.  It’s almost erotic how much I love doing it.  If you had a go you’d understand.
13. When my hubby makes fun of me mixing up the name of electric appliances.  I do every day.  He says because I don’t fully pay attention to what I am saying.  He has a point.
14. When a plan comes together!   Picture me with cigar in mouth.  Something I haven’t done for a long, long time but I do remember partaking in way back when a) I was a smoker and b) it was sometimes a great idea to end an evening at a pub.  Smelly though!
15. A box of embroidery thread – akin to Willy Wonka’s edible room, it’s so enticing and magical.
16. Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Percy Jackson.  I am a geek!!
17. When you’ve been slicing chilli and your fingers numb your tongue for hours afterwards.  Me and my Biscuits will take turns for a finger dab on the tongue at the dinner table, much to the annoyance of Mr Biscuit.
18. Brora cardigans.  I am lucky in saying I own one ( purchased for our wedding day, cost more than my dress) and would love to be able to afford many more in many colours.
19. Knitting – especially small animals with coloured needles.
20. Cats napping.  It is a sight that fills me with such contentment.  My Hamish ‘the mancat’ can snore for Scotland making me chuckle to myself when alone.  Laughing when you are by yourself, I think, always feels all the more funny.
21. Trampolines.  “Bouncy  Bouncy.  Ooh What a good time!  Bouncy Bouncy.  Shoes all in a line!”  They are just silly and I always end up hurting my back but I will insist on going back on them.
22. Dancing.  I LOVE dancing.  It makes me so happy. I will be on a dance floor all night.  I confess I barely spoke to a soul at our Wedding, I was too busy dancing, from the first dance to Runrig at the end.  I very rarely have a partner and care not a jot if anyone else is on the dance floor.
23. Flowers. Lillies, roses, tulips to name but a few.
24. Donkeys.  This is the animal I would have if I had land.  Of course not just one, never only one.
25. Buttons.  Luckily I have a Dealer for this addiction.  (Fishy, you know I mean you.)
26. Foxes.  I always feel just a little bit wrong in loving an animal that will kill and not necessarily eat its victims.  I love their pointy faces, I cannot help myself.
27. Watching trees blowing in the wind.  It’s hypnotic and like the next ‘love’, a reminder of my insignificance.  Except when I have been watching The Happening, then they FREAK me out something silly.
28.The sea, especially on dull grey Scottish days where it looks like concrete it’s so still. 
29. Breaking eggs.  Since the days of being a teeny toddler pretending to be Calimero [cartoon chicken who wore half an egg shell on his head] putting a tea cosy on my head, I have be taken with egg shell. 
30. Reading for large blocks of time.  I don’t do it much these days for lack of such indulgent time yet every now and again I give it a go and usually nod off.  I remember reading more than one book in a day and confess when a new Harry potter came out, once I got to the end I’d start over again.
31. A large glass of red.  I love red wine, particularly Austrailian.  When I eventually get over to visit my brother in law, I WILL be touring the vineyards!  NB.not so much today - blast this darn hangover!!
32. Tea in a china cup and saucer.  You all know why!
33. Jane Austen.  I love the language and the excruciating romance of her books.  The rules, the taking of tea and calling cards, visits, the dancing, the humour.  Wonderful!
34. Hedgehogs.  They can roll into a spikey ball!!!  What more can I say?
35. Christmas.  Simply Christmas.
36. Disaster films.  The more devastatingly ‘end of the world’ the better.  Special effects these days make for amazing films but I am still partial to a bit of Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure.
37. Me in a Narrowboat meandering along a canal (Guy Martin optional).  If it wasn’t so darn expensive I would do it every year.  A custom built one is first on the lottery wish list.
38.Classic Fm.  I don’t do radio.  I get very irritated by songs with singing, it may aswell be people screaming at me but classical music calms me and I had the best Christmas baking build up ever in 2010 listening to it EVER.  Except Lawrence LB, he kinda spoils it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
     Can  you imagine the length of this post if I was older? Deary me.  I think I may share the same trait as the wonderful Stephen Fry in using many words instead of a few to say what I want to say. I so wish I had lemon cake (hoping the sponge would help with the HO) but will suffice with the ickle white chocolate tarts I have in the fridge leftover from yesterdays Mother's Day family gathering.  I am in need of a sit down and a cup of tea.



  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Tea and Gene Kelly will surely help with the delicate state. Love your list of things you love - cake - right at the top, well fancy! x x


    What a brilliant birthday list.

    I too am partial to the odd glass of red and do sympathise with your fragile state. Sadly, the older one gets (she says as a wise 39 year old), the longer hangovers seem to last.

    I feel I should also warn you of the other things that start happening in your late thirties (involuntary bottom noises escaping when you bend over to put a bag of heavy shopping in your car boot for example) but shall let you discover them for yourself!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your special day.


  3. Happy Birthday to Youoooo, Happy Birthday to youoooo. I hope it's a good one even if it is a little hangover hazy! What a fab list! I too love Robins and have been lucky enough to have them whever I have moved too. The robin's at this house have nested and are very noisily protesting everytime we step foot in the garden! Which includes being dive-bombed! They are normally so friendly! I hope the rest of your day is a good one. Sue x

  4. Towering Inferno beats any new-fangled spangly special effects film ANY day. I'm pleased yoou have a HO- you should do the day after your birthday...! Ax

  5. Whoop whoop, many happy returns of the day babyio **said in a wee whisper**!!! Glad you've been enjoying it in style, tehe!!!

    Soooooooo love your list. Fab reading indeedy.

    Happy happy birthday twinks.

    Loves, Ionwen XXX

  6. A very happy birthday from one Aries to another! :-)

    Mine's next week, but I won't be listing a random thing for every year...that would be WAY too many. LOL.

  7. Happy birthday Ali!!! Hooray for hangovers, it means you had a very fun night the night before! Great, GREAT list and I agree whole heartedly with practically everything except the Dr Who and Chilli bits which both leave me feeling numb and a bit irritated...
    I constantly have to retune Classic fm on my kitchen radio from either the mr turning it to some horrid footy thing or the cat jumping down from her much loved resting post, {on top of the fridge} and moving the dial with her paws, naughty cat!!! It is the best soundtrack for baking to. Enjoy the rest of the day my lovely and by gum, it's practically evening so crack open another Shiraz I say! xxx
    Ps. I have done the Barossa Valley wine tour {sooooo great!}, there was a day trip that I can't remember too well!!! x

  8. Happy Birthday Ali! Great list, i love dancing too and used to be first on the dance floor and last to leave, i do have to stop for rests now though...Have a lovely evening xxx

  9. Happy birthday! Hope your sore head is feeling a bit better by now x

  10. Happy, happy birthday! I loved reading your list - I share your love of hedgehogs, donkeys and robins (but would also add pigs!) and your joy at the alchemy of baking. I was only thinking today as I baked some cakes for a sale that there must be a God, because how else would it happen that 4 eggs equals exactly the same weight as the 8 ounces of sugar, butter and flour I was putting into the mix, and that together they would equal heaven?

  11. ach Ali!!!! Happy happy birthday! I wish I was there...I love to dance too! We would be the last men standing and no doubt have filthy hangovers! day, one day!

    Heres to your new year of cake stroking, button hoarding,laughing to yourself and being an all round bundle of nutty fun!


  12. Happy Birthday!
    Must try the cake stroking thing! You're so right about towering inferno! I watched it a few weeks ago!
    Rachel x

  13. You must be exhausted after writing all that!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday - Happy 38th! ( You lucky young thing you)
    Wish I was 38 still.....

  14. Belated Happy Birthday..... great list.... thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  15. i love this list, esp the bubble on the washing up liquid - i love that too!!!

    my hubbie calls cotton buds ear plugs - i've started calling them that too!!!


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