Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A list of one thing (so not really a list) that I hate. Hate more than....

...being late, U2, mediocrity, bad cake and hangovers.

1.  When I went to put lemon cake mixture into my only working oven to find, in the time it had taken me to put together the mix, the element had overheated and gone kaput.

Let me just clarify, No EFFING OVEN SO NO EFFING CAKE!!!!!!

Please someone take this blade from my heart. 
I am not exaggerating.  I am beyond devastated and am not even going to discuss that homemade pizza was on the menu tonight....
Ignoring the fact that Mr Biscuit is and Electrician and elements are easy to get a hold of etc etc....my heart is broken, I feel I have lost a limb.  My birthday cake- my wee gift to myself - is still sitting on the worktop wondering it's fate.  Will it make it into an oven- am considering the risk of moving it to my parent-in-laws - or never furfil it's telos and become sponge because of it hanging around in it's unbaked state for hours?  I admit it will be hard for the baker in me to risk moving and/or baking at this stage in the game!

I wonder do you, my fellow bloggers, know me enough to understand the gravity of  my loss?

Yes of course you do!! 
 Don't you???

"you go home and you cry and you want to die!" and "heaven knows I'm miserable now!"

Morrissey knows what I mean!

Today I am putting the 'drama' in Drama Queen, well because I want to *stamps foot*!



  1. I feel your pain....... stick your bottom lip out too............

    (Now this IS weird, the word verification is: stropo)!!!! Sometimes I am sure there is man in these machines that does word verification!

  2. Too blooming right - you should be extremely angty - I'd be the same.

    The answer is (1) too be taken out for dinner tonight and (2) another cake made FOR you tomorrow - in fact one a week until your next birthday ;)

  3. Your oven is a git.
    No discussion. Ax

    Agree totally with M Musing- my word verification is joident.

  4. As a great {well, actually not so...} Queen once said when her oven element packed up, 'Let them BUY cake..." So, send Mr Biscuits out to the nearest cake dealer and tell him to buy plenty.....you ain't eating homemade pizza tonight, poppet! xxx

  5. Bloomin' electricals! Just when you are on the point of triumph they burst your bubble! I swear they do it on purpose... Hope you managed to get a cake fix somehow!
    Word verification is now 'grouce'

  6. Oh my my my!!!! Catastrophic - NO CAKE??? What can I say other than I feel your pain. I hope you kicked the bu*£&r. (No the cooker not your lovely Mr B who'll sort it for you!!!)


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