Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Can I tempt you?

I may not be in the same league as serial [button] Temptress that is KirstyFish but I may be just tentatively stroking the title with my fingertips with these....

Any excuse to get my hand me down griddle out!  Therefore it is a must on Pancake Day and this very morn (for the first time ever on a school day) we had pancakes for breakfast.  It felt very decadent indeed having such a feast without the usual lazy weekend morning feel to it.  They were delicious, bathed in Golden Syrup and I confess I made ickle teeny tiny individual ones for two of my cats.  Thomasina was screaming at me the whole time I was at the cooker, she loves pancakes so. (What's not to love?)  And why should they be excluded from the celebrations? 

Go on you know if you haven't already, you simply have to make or buy some!



  1. Oh my goodness - I am drooling at the thought of pancakes. Yours look fantastic. Golden syrup too yum... I used to love Golden syrup sandwiches when I was a school (in the 'g'olden days!) Is that just me? Oh well, My pancakes never quite get there! Always taste a bit Yorkshire pudding lol. Sue x

  2. They look delicious - I'm drooling. We're having ours tonight - I can hardly wait.

  3. Yum yum scrum babs. How divine indeed. Tis my OH's birthday today and so he is chuffed to bits that his birthday meal is pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes!!! Eeeeeeek I love em soo and my wee dog-y will be having a few for sure. Loves Ionwen. XXX
    P.S. Ta very muchly for you sweet as comments over on my blog, I have now enabled the "Follow" widget!!! Tehe. XXX

  4. Blimey, I nearly forgot! Thank you for reminding me, I do love qa pancake or two! Sharing the Plan B love too, and loving Adele's new stuff.
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  5. Hey Ali!

    I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that they're not my fave but I do quite like them with taramasalata!! That said, we shall definitely be partaking - D wears the pancake trousers in our house!

    My Mum used to make them for us when we were children - they were about an inch thick and used to make me feel a bit sick afterwards! Think that's put me off.

    Really lovely photo of your gorgeous biscuits!


  6. Not sure what happened there but if there's a half done comment, sorry, it's me being technologically challenged again! Will just say now that your pancakes look scrummy and can't wait to make mine tonight...

  7. Yes please, I'll take four to go thanks x

  8. LOL little ones for the cats!!! And why not indeed!
    What a treat having them for breakfast on a school day - you are a domestic goddess!
    I like mine with maple syrup, my daughter with nutella, and hubby with lemon and sugar - but as we have so many we usually each have all the above and more!
    Happy Pancake Day to you and yours!
    Gill x

  9. They look wonderful...hope you are having a lovely evening xxx

  10. Mmmmm they look yummy! I made two lots - one at work (I am a nanny by day), and then again at home for me and hubby. Only the ones at home tasted like omelettes...not quite sure what went wrong there!

  11. We had some but only a small batch. Some silly person failed to realise we were almost out of flour.....


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