Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Haggis, 'fantastic' yarn and Dr Scooby!

It'll be a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht the nicht!
Right I cannae guarantee the bright, moonlit night but it will definitely be braw because this is on the menu for dinner this evening...

Haggis, neeps and tatties!
(don't you like how my tartan material matches the packaging? I'm so anal!!)

I love haggis, no that is untrue, I love Macsween haggis. There are some minging ones (*cough* Halls) out there.  They even do an amazing vegetarian one well worth a taster.  I know some people are put off by it but I have been eating it since I was very wee, long before I knew what it was so it was therefore way past the point of stopping.  I was already hooked.  Growing up we always ate it on Burns Night and must now with my own family.  My Biscuits devour it and although we have it at other times in the year and in other ways, it's tradition to eat it tonight with neeps and tatties.  Cannot wait!

I also have this to show you, my new Mirasol Qina yarn, a gorgeous 80% baby alpaca/20% bamboo spun in Peru.  I have it in mind for a 'fantastic' animal project.  Can you guess which 'fantastic' animal it will be?

Have I said 'fantastic" enough for you to get the clue?

Hopefully I'll get knitting soon, so many projects so little time!

We also had a big drama this morning as Youngest Biscuit's bestest froggy friend Hardy had an accident.  Fell out of bed he did and broke his wee green arm.  First aider cub, Eldest Biscuit, set upon him with a Woody bandana and strapped him up while Youngest Biscuit sang him a lullaby to help him rest.  Poor Hardy!

His best friend Duff is keeping him company.

Unfortunately Eldest Biscuit started to annoy Youngest Biscuit with his, frankly lacking bedside manner, so a new doctor was requested. 

Dr Scooby!

One injection later and Hardy is off to the land of nod (I know his eyes are still open but trust me he is asleep) and a slight confused Scooby is waiting until he is paged again for his services.  I am on nursing duties of course.  I do not mind as Hardy once belonged to me.  I rescued [well bought] him from a pharmacist shelf twenty years ago and named him after the author Thomas Hardy, whose novels I buried my head in at seventeen feeling anguish over Tess and Jude.   Yikes!
I'm pretending to myself I didn't just write twenty years ago....



  1. Ahh, poor Hardy - hope he's better soon - it must be the season for softie illnesses and accidents as I write there are two teds laying in bed upstairs with various wet hankies covering injured and feverish heads!
    Not sure I like the look of Dr Scooby - looks a little eager!!!
    We went to a friends' house on Sunday for a wonderful Burns night - had haggis, neeps and tatties!! Fantastic time was had by all.
    Am writing from chaos - that's what comes from tidying!!!! xx

  2. Yes, it's scary when you realise how long ago certain records/books/etc first featured in your life. They were doing taste tests of haggis in the supermarket today - my youngest wolfed it down, but then we come from black pudding country (Lancashire), so we're hardly squeamish about eating things like bags of boiled blood! x

  3. Have a great night - I have never tried Haggis, my daughter loves it. I'm a bit too fussy! Hopefully Hardy is feeling much better now x

  4. I think you may have inherited all of our characters. We too had a frog and a scoobie.
    Very pleased to see no mention of you having gravy with said beastie... it seems that some, here (over the border) are serving haggis with gravy????

  5. Gravy? GRAVY? WITH HAGGIS?????

    I just love haggis and tatties and neeps.....

    That aside: One cute frog there and the wool must be incredibly soft...

  6. I do want to try Haggis and maybe one day I will! OOOO Yarn, I am having a drooling over yarn day!

  7. I must add myself to the list of southern softies who have never tried haggis but I do really rather fancy it.

    Hope you had a super duper night and not too many 'wee drams'! xxx

  8. My FIL is Scottish and can't believe I have never tried Haggis! Maybe I could try the brand you recommend!

  9. Never tried haggis, just can't bring myself to eat it. I expect it tastes lovely as well!
    Hope Hardy is better, it's nice that some toys are getting passed on to another generation. I have my rag doll (on me blog) but she is too threadbare to play with now.


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