Tuesday, 13 September 2011

An out of body experience??

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It's not my fault!  I couldn't  help myself!  Effing Amazon!  It made me buy books I didn't 'need'!  I don't know how I even arrived at the craft book section, let alone the whole site.  
I was hypnotized.
Led by the hand like a distracted toddler unaware that Mummy is going to 'her' bit of John Lewis.

It clearly was not my fault.

That is my story and I am sticking to it I tells ya!!

I'll be telling Mr Biscuit I needed them for Christmas presents that he need not be involved in even a teeny bit.  He'll roll his eyes and hope I won't be asking his opinion (I say opinion, I really mean 'let me discuss this with myself out loud until I come to a decision') on fabric/wool/colour/size/recipient etc etc.  
Besides he'll only find out if I tell him mmmwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!

*shakes fist at Amazon*

*gets excited at thought of new books*

Here's what I bought and of course I am slapping my wrist for the utter lack of self control, sort of, well pretending...

(images from amazon)

Not content with getting a fix myself, I am going to be a 'pusher' and encourage you too.  
Click here for the first, here for the second and you will be taken to the land of temptation otherwise known as Amazon.co.uk.

Surely I am not alone in this, I cant' be?



  1. I am always buying books i don't really need on amazon - because they are nearly always cheaper and postage is free plus my detaisl are on there so i just click buy!!! argh!!! its annoying but i love it!! xx

  2. Ha. I like that your "asking for an opinion" is very much the same as mine. When asked, James doesn't even OFFER an opinion anymore because either I've already decided and just wanted confirmation, or I'm about to do what you do and talk myself round one way or the other without any intervention from him. :D xx

  3. I have been tempted by the first one too, and my Mum has the second one and it's scrummy, but I haven't managed to steal, oops, borrow it yet.

  4. Aaagh I've been hooked, but have managed to resist and added these two books to my wishlist, as Christmas isn't that far off? Or is it? Can I resist?


  5. Darn you and your Amazon addiction. I can't even flipping sew and I'm tempted... Ax

  6. I put the second one on my Amazon wishlist but no-one got it for me yet (maybe I need to point them in the direction of said wishlist!) Your husband will be pleased when beautiful, individual and hand-made gifts appear for all and sundry and he doesn't have to do the dreaded C******** shopping. Love the bit about the out loud discussions with self...

  7. Thanks for taking us all down with you ... I'm now finding myself drawn to that first book and I don't even particularly like sewing! How DO you do it?!!!


  8. I want the second one.......... seriously WANT it.............

  9. I have the same problem... I'm not ashamed to admit that I have an addiction to buying lovely craft books. Most of the time I spend a few minutes trying to talk myself out of buying them. But I never succeed and I find myself thinking about how good it'll feel to flick through those pages for the first time. :-)
    Most recently I bought the Queen of Crafts book and Love it!

    Ashley xxx

  10. Because of a recent post of yours, I ended up on Amazon looking at books on Sashiko. Good job I have a voucher from my birthday recently to spend!


  11. Hello! Just popping by to say thank you for leaving a lovely comment over at the Priddy Priddy blog give-away...and no you could never have enough of the yummy little milk bottles {well I dont think you can}
    Hope you're enjoying yours already and I'm now off to Amazon to oogle over the books...

  12. oh dear I am so easily led..I already know without looking I will have to have it.....hope your tooth stuff is better now, I sympathise, I have spent more than my fair share of time in the dentists chair this summer ...oooooerrrr :)
    happy weekend to you x x x x

  13. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the link! I love those bunny hops. I do so love the work of tiny owl knits. Way dreamy.

    Ahhh Amazon how I love thee. Although I could spend an absolute fortune. And that craft book looks rather bright and lovely to my magpie eyes too! lol.

    MBB x

  14. Ah yes, I too am more than a little addicted to Amazon and it's pretty craft book section... it seems to call to me almost every time I switch on my laptop!! Those books you have taunted me with will also now have to be added to my wish list... *sigh*.... ;)

    Lovely blog by the way.... another addiction for me hehe

    Louise xx

  15. I just found your blog today and am loving it! Confession: I, too, have fallen out of bed and it is NOT the way to start your day! The two books you purchased from Amazon are wonderful! Have them in my bookshelf!


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