Friday, 2 September 2011

To everything - turn turn turn. There is a season - turn turn turn. And a time for every purpose under heaven.

Boy is it getting chilly of an evening!  Blankets are coming out and my need for knitting socks is abound.  Luckily that is exactly what I am knitting, therefore contentment follows easily.  I am looking forward to dark evenings cooried up on the sofa with my cats and my man, listening to their snores.  My hard working Mr Biscuit nods off, as often as not, as soon as he sits down.  Hence why I get my nightly cup of tea before his lovely bottom touches the comfy sofa!  
Today it is so dark, I am considering putting a light on.  The Autumn is here.  I've felt it coming for a wee while now.  I realized too that this is to be expected when my boys are three weeks back at school and a lot of you folks out there are ending the summer hols right now.  It is time for the garden furniture to get packed away in the hut for the winter, it's unlikely we'll be using it again so no need for it to sit neglected out in the garden.  That makes me feel bad.  When it's gone my body knows it's past the point of being out there relaxing soaking up [any?!?] sun. It's also time for delicate herbs and flowers to get put in their little plastic greenhouse as frost can come at any point now.  I am craving hearty soups and hot jammy puddings.  I have taken to wearing socks indoors, feeling the need  for cosy toes, and cardigan centred comfort.  Am reading more too.  Finding it easier to not move around so much and to simply sit without necessarily making something with my hands.
I am heart glad the weekend has arrived.  I like getting my men folk around me.  Mr Biscuit is planning a hilly Highland walk on Sunday with a friend though. My boys are still desperate to see the Smurfs film.  Maybe this weekend.  A canal walk for brambles?  I was still picking them at the end of September last year. Cake, in some form or other, is a definite condition for a good weekend, this weekend.

Hope yours is a happy one!



  1. I am feeling like you today! I hope your weekend is a lovely one!


  2. I love love love the autumn its my favourite time of many things to look forward to.. and I love the darker evenings, lamps on early, delicious pies and crumbles..


  3. I am not ready for the Autumn - I don't want to wear socks and boots just yet - I love the Birkenstocks too much! As there's no stopping it I'd better start embracing it. Back to school on Monday here and, boy, am I ready for it!!

  4. Victoria, I felt like that last year. Not sure why I'm feeling so chilled about it this year! Autumn is always a good excuse for making a new blanket! Dare you!! x

  5. I love the anticipation and arrival of Autumn. Can't wait now to get socks on my toes, boots on my feet and cosy jumpers on my back. Not to mention the soups, stews, toast, crumpets, log fires and crispy nights and misty early mornings. Enjoy your knitting. Ax

  6. Another one not ready for autumn yet: although today it is dark, gloomy and rainy.....


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