Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's probably pathetic but.....

on a rainy day, when requested to play this with my Biscuits...

 winning tastes very sweet indeed.   Wiped the floor with them I did!!  I even impressed them which is a huge deal in itself.  *dances around*  I get my thrills where I can!!

Less than a week now till school goes back, necessary purchases made (well except for gym rubbers for Eldest Biscuit who has gone up a size and a half in the last six weeks!), questions of how on earth they will be able to be up at seven am, etc. Equally looking forward to and dreading the quiet.  
Tis the same every year.



  1. Ha ha ha! I'm the same with Scrabble, always have been. Trounce then gloat, trounce then gloat! Funny, no-one will play with me anymore ... ;-)


  2. Being the only female in the house you had an important lesson to teach them about how we can do anything we damn well put our minds to! Well done!


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