Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A feast for the eyes!


 What else?

I made these pretties a wee while ago and I'm so glad I took some photos to share their lovely colours with you.  Sorry I have no actual lamingtons to give you (especially you, Victoria), you know I would share any of my bakes with you all and invite you round for a cuppa any day of the week.

You'll just have indulge in looking and then run off and bake something moreish!

Recipe from this...

(image from Amazon)
Click on image to take you to amazon where you can have a look inside if you like.

I love this (and the previous one) so much so I'm urging you to beg borrow or steal it,if you haven't already got it.

Aren't you glad I shared the glory of:

Take care, my lovelies.



  1. Those cakes look so yummy and pretty! I love your kindle case in your previous post xx

    1. Hey you Wolf mother, how the buggery are you?
      Cheers m'dears! xx

  2. Ooooh they look well delish! The photos are making my mouth water. I have this book..... I soooo need to make some for myself :)

    Jo x

  3. Ooh, I made chocolate lamingtons ages ago and they were yums, but geeeeezo the mess I made! Chocolate and coconut eeeeeeeverywhere! xx

  4. Gosh I haven't had one of these since I was a child....a lovely blast from the past.

    You look a great baker, so I will be popping back to you blog to see the lovely things you've made.

    Happy Baking
    Fleur xx

    1. What a compliment Fleur!
      Come on back anytime you like. x

  5. Yum yum! Did you put jam inside them too? They are the best kind. The Lady GooGoo cake is underway... Thought I'd better start early in case of disaster!

    1. No jam in these, Hubby has them how HE likes!

      I tell you Victoria, I have managed to convince my eldest (11 in April) that he really wants a decadent chocolate cake this year. Buttercream or ganache made with Hotel Chocolat chocs and sprinkled or studded with other chocolate and luxurious fudge. Sounds pricey but with the price of icing etc it shouldn't be any more than a normal 'novelty' cake. I have been let off lightly me thinks.
      Can't wait to see 'The Lady'!

  6. Oooh - your Lamingtons look spectacular! I have never had one, but the thought of the coconut is just so scrummy. And with coconut, there are always little treats ages after, stuck between the teeth and all!

    1. Thanks Alix, try them, they are good.
      Oh and just think of that coconut when you are wearing braces!!


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