Thursday, 28 June 2012

Effing rain!!

I don't want to be a right old moany face about it but I'm hormonal, therefore feel entitled to moan if I like.  Don't get me wrong in many ways I love rain, the verdant greens, the slate greys of paths and 'making the garden grow' etc but I want to be in my bare feet and flip flops.  I want to have all the windows and doors open and if I cannot, I'd like them to be closed without needing to coory under a blanket or worse, switch the heaters on.  I want to have meals in the garden and hang the washing out, have a view of billowing sheets and hear the birds singing.......
All that list of 'I wants' needs is addition of a goose that lays golden eggs.


My boys finish up school tomorrow and I am hoping the weather improves.  I am Scottish, I do not expect a lot, just please please please PLEASE, let it be dry for a spell.

Urgh!!!  Moan moan moan!
I'm off to get on my exercise bike and see if my mood improves.  I have cakes to bake later and cannot be this cross whilst baking, cakes need love to rise people!



  1. Oh I know how you feel. I am longing for dinners outside on the patio and a lazy afternoon in the garden on a blanket on the lawn. They reckon the rain is here until the end of July, I hope that's right, maybe we will get our wish in August! x

  2. Hear! Hear!
    May your cakes rise and the sun shine!

  3. Awww moan away! I baked a cake today! It must be something in the weather. x

  4. Sometimes you just need a rant and a moan! No apology required cos it's normal to have a range of emotions!!! God knows I've moaned my arse off this week lol!!! It's been a bloody crappy off I go now! I hope your cakes rise with much love :)

    Jo x x

    1. At least I'm only feeling moody cause of hormones. It could be worse eh? x

  5. I too have written this post in the past week, just a bit of blummin sunshine PLEASE...if it's not TOO much to ask....grrr xxx

  6. Bloody weather is pants darn sarf too!
    Today we have 4 seasons in one day........!
    It'll be blisteringly hot come september when the kids go back :(


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