Tuesday, 15 May 2012

On the list of craft 'wanties'...

I always always always have my eye on yarn of some kind and yet again I am drooling over the [above] Starburst crochet blanket by Jane Brocket from the Gentle art of Knitting book (pattern also in issue 2 of Mollie Makes).  I've had my eye on this for an age but recently spurred on by Kath on her Inverleith blog and Instagram feed, who has been making a granny a day of it and has posted lots of lovely images of the finished blanket.  She chose really lovely colours (in Rowan Pure Wool DK) and made me 'want' to start all over again.  I've even been looking at yarn and at the mo considering Rowan Cotton glace.  I have some balls that I got for the 'icing' on knitted cupcakes and the shine is lovely on this yarn.  I love cotton yarn too, it is my favourite I think. It's a double knit wool and has a lovely feel to it too when knitted up.  I am very tempted but as always such a thing is quite an investment money wise. 
I've been looking longingly at this shade card.

There is fabric on the 'wanties' list too but as of yet I have not decided what I would do with it. I have been thinking of trying to make a zipped pouch.  This kind of sewing really is NOT my area.  I get very easily confused when things have to be rightside/wronside/insideout/outsidein/cut/measured etc etc.  I like my sewing machine but it has not (as of yet) turned into love. This 'walk in the woods' fabric by Moda has me tempted to try as it has foxes liberally sprinkled all over it and I love a fox.

(image from the cottonpatch. Click on image to go see the full range) 
It really is very cute fabric and I can picture it on something small. Oh and did I mention?  Love a fox!  I'd love some of this but what to do?
I am constantly fighting the urge to make more quilts/blankets but as I have a few on the go (see this earlier post) I  really must not start another so it's lucky I do not see this fox fabric in a quilt.

There are craft books calling on me at Amazon, whispering to me with their potential.

 I've had my eye on this book for a while as I love embroidered flowers and this book has some really nice ones including daffodils.

This books looks great but I am a little unsure because as I said earlier this kind of sewing does not come easily to me but I like the look of the things in here so maybe I would be inspired to give some of the projects a go. Maybe some of you have it and could let me know hoe easy/difficult it is to follow.

 (Three book images from Amazon.co.uk)
 I love the look of these socks.  I haven't knitted a a pair in a while but the patterns in this book are really lovely.  I am thinking of making some as gifts as last year I made really simple tube socks for a couple of friends and they were very well received. I like the idea too of knitting (as the title says) from the toe up as you can try them on as you go meaning you can be sure of the fit you like. These socks would also mean I can look at hand dyed yarn which is a really fun thing to do on Etsy, especially with the app.

It's not a huge list but there is always, without fail, a list on the go and who doesn't love a list or indeed a notebook (or ten) to write them in?

What's on your list of craft 'wanties'?


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  1. My want list is getting waaaaay out of control. It's lucky we're poor or I'd drown in all the stuff I'd buy/make!


    1. Totally, not being loaded means I have to show restraint or at least have to take a pause for thought to justify things.

  2. Ha - that's any easy one, my crafty mojo. Still havent't found it ......

    1. Just watch,Helen, when it returns you may well go mad!!! x

  3. A few things ...

    I've got a real craft crush on all things Zakka at the mo (have you seen Nana Company's GORGEOUS blog?) and have had that book in my 'basket' for a little while too. The words 'out'. 'of' and 'depth' spring to mind for me though but I'm game if you are!!!

    Adore the foxy fabric! I'm uber impressed by your self-restraint.

    I've signed up for Instagram and taken a couple of pics but I don't know what to do next!!! Please help. ;-)


    1. Bonny Heather, I thought that was you on Instagram! I requested to follow you as I noticed you were private. Oh my you will love it and loads of people you 'know' in blogland are there. Look at who I follow and you'll recognize loads. Just post photos, follow people, like photos, leave comments etc and once they realize it's you, you'll be drowning in followers (I know that's not that important but it makes you feel you are not just uploading photos for no reason). It's fun really and feels surprisingly intimate! Enjoy my love.

      Me.Self-restraint. Haha!!

      Must check that blog out, cheers m'dear! xx

  4. My craft want list keeps getting longer everyday...i love the fox fabric and the Wendy Knits book! xx

  5. Ooooh when the 'wanties' hit it is hard to ignore the urge, isn't it?!
    that fox fabric is just GORGEOUS i think i now have a case of the 'wanties' thanks!
    I am actually making that starburst blanket...it is a lovely pattern, i have named mine 'rhubarb crumble'
    love jooles x

    1. Jooles, rhubarb crumble sounds just lovely! I have the 'wanties' worse than ever now!

  6. Your want list is enabling me I'm afraid! The crochet starburst square is so cute and bright I want to make that! And Wendy Johnson's Toe Up book is on my want list too! I am working on one of the patterns right now from the book (it's free on Ravelry, but I really want the whole collection).

    The Zakka Style sewing book looks very intriguing. I, too, am not very good at sewing, but am trying to get better. I adore the fox fabric!!

    Hope you have a good rest of your week!
    Jesse (oocha)


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