Friday, 11 May 2012

Can you ever have enough......

.......baking books?
I really do not think so.
I make something, sometimes many things, from each of the books I buy, yet the compulsion to have more is always there.  First there is the 'noticing' of a book, whether it be by recommendation from someone (or by amazon - they get me every time). The imagining begins. I begin to wonder what delights may be inside, could there be the perfect recipe for something I already make and love? Something new I have never tried before and always wanted to? What photos are in there?  Will they make be drool at the very thought of the pressure of a pastry fork?
When a new book arrives I almost want to create a ceremonial moment, take the time to enjoy every detail of the book, the feel of the pages turning, the smell, the potential locked inside. It's all very much an indulgence!

Recently I have become obsessed with patisseries, windows full of shiny glazed delights, thoughts of delicate pastries and not so delicate slabs of bread, wanting to refine, to be precise, to hone my baking skills.  I love hearty classics, always, but I want the challenge of having to be more skilled.  Always wanting people to exclaim "you did that?".  You know that slightly insulting/impressed thing we all do? I want to get to grips with liquid fondant and make French Fancies. The book I recently bought by the amazing Peggy Porschen will help with that.  I want to get to grips with pastry so I  ordered this only the other day...

(image from Amazon.  Click here to see the book)
Just look at that cover!!  I cannot wait to delve into this book! I am not scared of pastry at the moment, a little bemused by it, not fully understanding it when I make it, not fully 'there' with it like I am with cakes. I want to become excellent and produce exquisite things. Things made of pastry.
I have that image of a tiered cake stand all prepared for afternoon tea and with that image I hear myself wanting to recreate it with things all made by me. 
You see why I *need* this book??

It may well be the fact that, in the main, it still feels wintry, but I have a notion for nordic baked things too so have my eye on this book...
(image from Amazon. Click here to see book) 
 This book sounds amazing. Those breakfast compotes and jams, those cakes and bread, mmmm cinnamon buns! Big amounts of *sighing*. I am so so so very tempted.

But for now, bring on the pastry making.

Always thinking about baking and loving the abundance of books. 

In my wee world, you can never, ever have enough!


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  1. I can so relate to the need to buy cookery books - my shelves in the kitchen are over-flowing but that doesn't stop me. Next on my list is Rachel Khoo. Do you have that one yet? If so do you consider it a 'must have'? XX

    1. I do have it and love it. Got it cheap at Sainsburys so couldn't help myself. Lots of yummy things in it. i will have to make the quiche and the carrot salad and.......
      ali x

    2. Oh no - that's done it! If my husband moans I will tell him that it came highly recommended. XX

    3. Do what I do, show him something he loves to eat from it, works every time. As soon as I showed mr biscuit the quiche from the book he suddenly didn't mind me buying it even though I probably have a dozen plus quiche recipes already!

    4. ....oh and it's lovely to have you back in blogland Helen! x

  2. SNAP - I LOVE cookery books - my house is absolutely heaving with them! Now you've gone and tempted me into getting two more...sigh!
    Paula x
    p.s. Love, love, LOVE your blog and images - so yummy!

    1. You are a sweetheart Paula!

      I suppose if I am drowning in my addiction for books I should pull others down with me! heehee


  3. I am resisting buying more cookery books until I properly use the ones I already have!
    If you wait a few weeks there'll be a Scandilicious baking book published - that I will be buying.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I can't wait to see the end results, I love to bake and I'm always on the look out for a good recipe. And you will often fined me with my noise pressed up agents a .

  5. I am addicted to cook books as well, in fact I have Scandilicious, it has a recipe for bread that I make quite weekly. At the moment I've just bought 'Fairytale Food' by Lucie Cash, which I mainly bought for the illustrations, but it also has some great recipes in it and 'Falling Cloudberries' by Tessa Kiros which I am just about to read through (and choose some things to make first!). Beth (the linen cat)x

    1. Beth I'm taking that as a good reason to get the Scandilicious book!
      I have two of Tessa's books and love them, lots of tasty recipes and the photos and descriptions are wonderful too!

  6. Ohhh I am so with you on this!!! I have shelf loads of cookery books, some grubby and stain spattered, some not so well used as after all they were not as special as I thought!
    Thank you for sharing these lovely books Ali, I will check out my good friend Mr Amazon!!

    Gill xx


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