Thursday, 9 June 2011

Almost as good as tea and cake?

Is it?  Could it possibly be?

Only a smidge behind I say and is a flavour combination that I, for one, cannot get enough of...

Mini pretzels smothered in chocolate.

My wonderful friend sends such delights over from the U.S.  Peanut butter cups are a must in my birthday and Christmas celebrations.  How lucky I am that my friend indulges me so?  She takes a jaunt to Trader Joe's, fills a box with edible treasures and posts them off to Scotland for me and mine to enjoy at our leisure. 
When Sophie Dahl described her peanut butter fudge recipe in nostalgia laden memories of salty seas and sweet ice cream cones I knew I had to make it and have many times since (see here).  Salty sweet or sweetly salty has to be one of the best combinations out there.  It accounts for my general love of peanut butter, snickers and star bars.  One year my friend sent over chocolate and peanut butter covered pretzels.  I quite happily could have died an exquisite sickly sweet death and floated to heaven.  In light of this hankering I regularly thank my anal thoroughness in tooth cleaning and regular check ups at the dentist.  
Unfortunately [for me] my Biscuits seem to have inherited the same taste buds so I have to share but right now they are at school and I am here alone able to enjoy a few with a cuppa.  I am one lucky lady yet I confess I have to use a little plate or would scoff the whole packet and would be rightly persecuted as an awful Mummy.  A cruel, selfish, greedy Mummy and I would, dear friends, deserve it.

Want one?



  1. Lovely! You will love Rolo turtles then. Take a pretzel. Pop a rolo on top. Put in oven till it melts then pop a pecan on top. Gorgeous. x

  2. OoOoo yes please! Loooooove all things salty n sweet or sweetly salty! I'm currently nibbling on vanilla pumpkin & sunflower seeds (nice but not as nice as your wee delights!). What a fabulishious friend indeedybobs. I bet each box full is sheer delight at what she has picked hey?!? Enjoy twinks. Loves Ionwen X

  3. You could get these in M&S last Christmas. It turns out they're one of those things I just can't stop eating.

  4. Oh my goodness I'll be right over.

    My heart breaks every day that I can't find chocolate covered pretzels in this country anymore. I'm sure it's Nestle that did 'em.

    Pretzel Flipz.. I miss them. They came in white chocolate too. And some kinda caramel flavoured stuff.

    Save me oooooooooone.


  5. Oh yum...I could murder some of those right now!

  6. Yum, they look so good my mouth is watering. I will try and hunt them down over here.

  7. Love pretzels and I love them even more when they are coated in chocolate :) Yumm!

    ♥ Cat brideblu


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