Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Let it pour and pour.....

The rain is never ending today.

I love never ending rain.  No indecision, no dithering over a bit of rain or a bit of cloud or a bit of sun.  The decision is made, the answer clear; it will rain and rain and rain. ' Dreich' it is and I love 'dreich'.  'Dreich' is meant to be cold and miserable and yes some days 'dreich' certainly captures the feeling the weather induces, but today it feels right.  I even walked with my Biscuits to school just to be out in it.  Colours are popping, particularly green and I do love our garden in the rain.  
It is small and no matter that I sometimes yearn for more space I feel cocooned in it, comforted and at peace whether in it or looking at it and today it is a pleasure to see it out there.  There is enough space for a table and chairs and for the fun and frolicking of trampolining and it is ours, all ours.

I am not, however, a natural gardener.  I very much like a garden that looks untouched and left to grow however it pleases; walls of ivy or clematis, alive, grasping to hold on to what ever it touches. I find it utterly romantic and am happily lead into thoughts of fairy tales and magic.  Of woodlands and homes in hollowed-out trees of hidden lives behind hidden walls, lonely princesses and curious strangers.  I just cannot bring myself to constrain and control.  I am absolutely sure there are sound gardening reasons why you should but, for me, it feels wrong.  I surrender to their need to climb, to cling and take comfort in the wall of green, vivid life.  
I also love the stones we have; weed suppressors but, for me, they take me to wild Scottish beaches.  They are battered and bruised by the North sea and for their trouble give forth their intense colour and patterns.  Something they barely give up in the dry.  Hidden treasure.  I imagine being at a Scottish beach today.  Of  being soul cleansed by the severe wind and the certainty I am alive because I feel so much.  
I spend a lot of time in solitude; in my head.  I am by nature a brooder and often I marinade in things I shouldn't but I am also a romantic, an optimist and see things in a skew-wiffy way always enrobed in my imagination.  Always reminded of songs or things I have read or feelings I have had, of love and of living, of the nature of beginnings and of endings.
Today I am content and fit to burst, all because of the never ending rain and the view of it's power over our garden and, in oh so many ways, over me.



  1. Hello there. I love decisive rain too. Beats the showers we've been having recently. Have a happy and possibly wet week, Ax

  2. Your blog is beautiful!! I can't remember how I arrived here but I'm glad I did!

  3. OooOooooo every once in a while I love getting completely drenched through! Squelching about n jumping in puddles, weeeeeeeeee. Have a super week chicka. Loves Ionwen X

  4. I SO know what you mean about the decisions being made for you when it rains, Ali. I love it because it makes me feel less guilty about not being out in the garden and lets me do "crafty" stuff instead. However, I would be lost without a garden!

  5. I am a bit fed up of the rain, to tell the truth. I'd quite like some sun. We are having a lot of those rain showers where it absolutely buckets down -usually at either 9am or 3:15pm. We were soaked right through walking home from school one day last week... had to strip off in the hallway!!! There's an image for you...
    I don't need the rain to give me an excuse from gardening. I'm currently growing some weeds that are nearly as tall as I am.


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