Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I love lemons....

 ...what can I say?

My laptop adapter went to heaven and being forced on to the family pc for a few days showed up that on a bigger brighter screen, well the background was minging.  Perish the thought that this is the version of my blog any of you may have seen! 
It matters......
Aesthetics do matter.  
What it says about me matters.
I do not want to be minging.
I want to be like lemons; not the screwy face pulling and sour but bright and yellow and sunshiney and good with cake.
Like well hung wallpaper; something interesting to look at behind the photo frames and furniture.
Maybe a bit overpowering and loud?  It wouldn't be the first time I'd be called that...

I may well tire of it soon enough but for now....who's for a squeeze of ma lemon?  

Excuse me now while I ponder the Rock God of all Rock Gods that is the young Robert Plant for whose request,as I have said before here, to squeeze his lemon has me all but on the floor begging for a time machine to do just that.    
I wonder....a post about the could be erotic adventures if I had a time machine.  There would be a list.  Who's curious???



  1. You are bonkers.
    I needed a lemon just now for some bakewell slices. Should have popped over to you earlier!

  2. My mouth is watering just looking at your new backdrop, which is good as the Dr (no -not that one! I wish!) told me to actually suck lemons last week to try to sort out some swollen glands! I love lemons too, but my choice would be lemon drizzle cake...

  3. Erotic adventure based around a time machine. Quirky. I'll give you that.Great photos of your cupcakes by the way.

  4. Ha! I just did a blog post on odd celebrity crushes which stemmed from a rather 'inappropriate' (shall we say?) dream about a celebrity...

    I say: write your post on erotic adventures hahaha! (My husband is reading this over my shoulder and shaking his head...)

    Sam x

  5. I just adore your new greeny stripey lemony background!!
    Hmm, certainly some food for thought in this post!


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