Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Nearly Headless Nick...sorry I mean Nearly Wordless Wednesday!

Some days...

It feels like I live in an apron.



  1. Snap :) Rather handy at the moment though as the pockets are great for carrying things around in when my hands are full of sticks.

    Plus in the cold weather its an extra layer ;)

    Have you ever gone out in yours by accident?? I have!

  2. Yes and in my slippers! Got halfway to the local wee shop and caught myself. All I needed was the bulgy tights for Nora Batty to be re born in Cath Kidston and zebra print! x

  3. I nearly went to bed in mine the other day, I just finished baking a lovely slice.

  4. I have two aprons - one for my pottery which is covered in clay, and one for my cooking which is covered in allsorts. I love your blog - it's so frank and refreshing. Oh, and a bit late with this, but ... I don't iron either! Sorry!


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