Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 8!

Another make finished (isn't sewing up always the worst part?) and I'm pleased to say blogged about in my 100th post.  Mad to believe that almost a year ago I started this malarkey and as of yet have not bored myself into stopping and more importantly seem not to be boring you lot (I hope!?!?).  

May I introduce Penny Pig...

Knitted up for a Christmas gift for a dear friends baby, from a pattern from fluff&fuzz (see here for links to all of Amanda shops) and because I love pigsI mean look at this...

...adorable no?
I also stuffed my Christmas wreath and completed all the sewing, had lots of fun at Picnik editing the photo and here it is...

Any excuse to indulge in Christmas glee 
I loves, loves, loves Christmas and feel that something so magnificent, so special requires a decent build up, a lot of planning (who doesn't love to plan?) and even more savouringThere will be no end of Christmas cheer, be warned!



  1. That is the sweetest little piggie I've ever seen! Love it!!! Well done. :)

  2. Your little pig is so sweet! I love her tail. I love your Christmas wreath too, it looks wonderful xxx

  3. I too adore planning for Christmas - possibly more than the day itself? Anticlimax anyone?? I also adore your little pig - I would love to be able to knit something like that - but having on just finished my first scarf, I think not!

  4. OOooh I love Penny Pig - such a cutie! But I'm not sure I'm ready to start planning Xmas yet - I usually leave that to the week before - I have much to learn!
    Gorgeous x

  5. cute little piggy and I love that Christmas wreath.
    I loves Christmas too...Nigella's Christmas book is my current bedtime reading - my husband thinks I'm mad...

  6. Loving that little pink corkscrew of a tail! Great wreath too.... :O)

  7. I like a bit if Christmas cheer so am looking forward to all you share. Lovely wreath!
    Lisa x

  8. Oh I'm with you, I love planning - it may be the best bit as there are no over-tired, over-excited children or sleeping/passed out drunk adults in my plan. Or any mess to clear up. Or any presents I hate but feel I have to keep. In my head it's all beautiful and happy.

    Love the pig - very impressed. x

  9. Love, love , love the cute piggy, she's adorable!! I am also planning for xmas already.x

  10. That is one cute piggy. I love your blog so I for one am pleased you started :)
    I am feeling all Christmassy so I am loving that I am not alone x

  11. Your little pig is sooo cute! And as for the tail...awww!
    Only just found your blog this morning - a great read! Will be back...

  12. Whoa there, little Miss Organised.....Christmas??? Now you're making me feel reeeaaally behind! Although I have to say I'm LOVING Penny Pig, yes absolutely too adorable for words. I'm also loving that Christmas Wreath and am going to go and investigate some more about this 52 (what??!) marvellous makes madness....


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