Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 9!

Another week and another make.  We went for a lovely walk along a local canal and took tubs with us, just in case, and luckily we found lots of these...

and with a thrifty, home made Christmas in mind and an offer of five half bottles of vodka I decided to get these together...

and make some of this...

I also plan to make a cranberry version too as I still have two bottles of vodka left.  I've made the cranberry one before a few Christmases ago and it went down (excuse the pun) very well.  They are such easy things to make, fruit, sugar, vodka and a couple of months of shaking the jars daily at first, then weekly later, a decant through a sieve into bottles and that's it.  You can use the drunken fruits up if you like, my father-in-law puts his raspberries which have been steeping for months in gin, in his Christmas trifle.  It sure adds a kick!
Here is what it looks like

...the vodka has already taken on the vibrant colour of the brambles and they have plumped up drunkenly with the vodka.  I may even try a wee taste of it myself.  I have only drunk vodka properly, twice, the first time at uni and my flatmates claimed I became very argumentative and aggressive so I tried it a second time as and experiment and I felt argumentative and aggressive so I haven't partaken in it since but I wonder if I've mellowed with age (it has been fifteen years) and should give it a try again.  I did try some scrummy shots in a vodka bar in Edinburgh before uni and I was fine then and I have lovely memories of cola cube, soor plume and chilli flavour shots, ice cold and head clearing.
I got the quantities etc from Nigella's Kitchen book and have a recipe for a cranberry and a lemoncello vodka from old Good Food magazines.  If anyone would like them get in touch.

Of course I have assumed you all know brambles are blackberries and you didn't need me to clarify!


  1. ooo you have reminded me i need to post about this!! xx

  2. Ooohhhh! Lovely! I've been dragging the little one out to pick blackberries for the past month or so now - loads of bushes a short walk from our front door. The freezer is stacked ready for out of season blackberry treats as they freeze so well. I've made bramble jelly (will post soon) recently but the vodka looks yum! I've also spotted sloe berries nearby but I'm not much for gin but I think they might go well in vodka. Bottoms up! x

  3. OOoh - this sounds very naughty! I can't have vodka in the house - too many teenagers around.
    But I love the sound of the trifle with the boozy flavoured berries!
    Gorgeous x

  4. I did chuckle about your 'spiritual' experience. I'm not really a vodka fan but quite fancy it - is it very syrupy though?


  5. I'm going to try this (will have to hide the vodka from Russ though its his favourite) xxx

  6. This sounds lovely! bet the cranberry one is even better, I love cranberries but meybe with a little vodka mixed in!!!
    I love your blog, have only just found it and look forward to hearing more.

  7. I love vodka but don't drink very often as I can't hold booze very well (and am pregnant at the moment!)
    The fruity versions look great! I have had a friend who dissolved skittles in vodka and then drained it. apparently you can do this with all sweets (as you mention cola cubes) xxx

  8. Looks good, we make a vodka every year. Weve done Skittles as Kelly has mentioned, but dont put in the green or blue ones or the vodka goes black! We have also done toffee vodka by adding werther's original sweets. Another one weve done is chilli vodka which burned as it went down!! xx

  9. Jumping up and down delightedly at this!! Ooh how easy it seems, I have blackberries here, I could easily get my hands on some vodka...I don't know whether it would last until Christmas though if I got round to making some though, temptation may prove too much!

    Love Julia x x


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