Monday, 27 September 2010

On a wet, dark and dreary Monday...

...all I need to do to feel content is put this on.

(You can just spot the tiniest green dot in the bottom left corner that reveals this is my television and not the real thing.)

And dive into this.

 and make the all important choice of which to while away some time with.  
The ironing can wait I say!!



  1. Hope you have a warm, snuggly day...i don't want to get from under my blanket, its cold and raining here too xxx

  2. Oooh! I have loads of ironing to do - I had a plan to sneak one basket at a time so I could fool myself I wasn't really doing it at all!! But I like your idea better! Dreary here too. xx

  3. Jealous! I had to actually go outside today. Obviously this is not acceptable. xxx

  4. No competition, go with the hooks dear girl!

    Btw, yes, I have forgiven you for saying all those mean things about me!!! ;-)

    I've just been to the Post Office - went with dead straight hair and have come back with frizz!


  5. Get hooky my lovely, its vile weather here too and I would love to just get busy with my wool and forget about the dreary day outside.

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  6. Def go with the hook! We have just put in a new fireplace and have lit it twice already (although we were boiling within a few hours as it hasn't really be THAT cold here yet) We are back to SUN this week - so I am secretly hoping for COLD weather!
    Take Care

  7. you paint a perfect picture with your images- cozy and warm ;0)x

  8. That is a lovely pic to see this morning. It's a bit miserable down in Devon today. If only I could warm my hands off it!! Ironing can always wait lol!! Love Em x

  9. Ironing what is ironing?
    Rather fancy that fire, a nice cuppa and a good old mag....Em x


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