Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Plasma ball fun!

It was, it really was.  
I was secretly thrilled when my Biscuits declared they would like to spend their save pocket money on a plasma ball but who knew the potential for photographing in the dark.  Please indulge me, these images, to my mind, are very, very cool.

Close ups!

 When the menfolk thought it would be fun to place their foreheads on the ball!

 Hope you liked them!

Can I leave you with the wonderful new Nigella cookbook, I think my favourite of all her books already.  I confess to wandering around my house hugging it, with a huge grin on my face for a good five minutes when it arrived (I hate dour, soor-faced delivery men!!) before I even considered opening it.  Unfortunately my mum was coming so I barely got a look at it until Friday night but when I did....there's a problem though, what to make first?



  1. I want the book heard so many good things about it, but it will have to wait for a christmas pressie :( Cool photos I can see why you like them x

  2. Wow I'm loving the plasma ball photographs. Lots of fun to be had there.

    Oh and isn't the Nigella book great. I am reading it in bed at night.

  3. ooh yummy - I've not had a peek at it yet, it's got to be good though hasn't it? x

  4. Cool pictures!
    Nigella's turkey meatballs for tea tonight!!

  5. I LOVE THE PICTURES...I WANT A PLASMA BALL! Guess what my kids are going to be encouraged to ask Santa for this year ;)
    I want her new book, I am missing the kitchen terribly. After spending all day cooking and washing up for others I hardly feel like it when I come home! Now I know how my husband feels being a chef lol!

  6. I love those photos....i want a plasma ball now too xxx

  7. You know when all the kids in the playground know what something is..... and you don't??? Well..... I don't know what a plasma ball IS........(self pitying snivel) ..... I love the photos though!


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