Thursday, 10 December 2009

Oooh Santa, I have been good, really I have!

All I want for Christmas is a fondue set.

A fondue set.

See, a fondue set.

Gee, if I could only get a fondue set....

....then I'd wish you a Merry Christmas.*


I know I could use a pot but I WANT one.  I want to pretend I'm up an alpine mountain sipping warm wine a dipping and a slurping.  Not actually skiing, I'm more of a soaking up the atmosphere type as in sitting on my bottom type, and hopefully, if I'm very lucky, flirting with gorgeous, much younger than me, men......probably best not to show Hubby that bit.  Aah, sounds good.  Doesn't it?  It does!!!  Oooh Santa, I have been good, really I have!


Thank you, youngest biscuit, for reminding Mummy of the words.
*  I don't mean this bit really, I love Christmas too much to ever take that wish away.


  1. Hi Ali, hope you get your fondue set! i would love a pink one :) xx

  2. There's been a fondue set sitting in my local charity shop for ages. I wonder if its still there.


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